4skin o2 (O2 foskin) for facial rejuvenation: customer reviews and dermatologists, instructions for use, the benefits of the drug

After 35 years in the body aktiviziruyutsya the aging process, which is manifested not only decreased activity, but also the deterioration of the skin. Especially sharply react to this woman.

And to get rid of wrinkles, they use different methods – anti-aging cosmetics, Botox injections, mesotherapy, face lift, etc. But all these methods are already outdated and easily replaced by modern cosmetics, among which is 4SKIN O2.

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It is an innovative product that promotes rapid rejuvenation of the skin and give it a fresh and rested appearance without injections and surgery.

Previously purchase 4SKIN O2 in our country was problematic, as it was practiced abroad. Today this tool has become available to absolutely every woman. But why is it special? And whether really it helps to fight against time? Now you all know.

Causes of skin aging and appearance of wrinkles

Intensification of aging processes in the body occurs due to the fact that with age all the organs and systems of the human “wear out”.

They cease to function at full power, which of course affects the appearance. Especially from the age of the “suffering” of the vascular system.

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The walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity, become fragile on their inner surface are formed cholesterol plaques, etc.

But it should be noted that not only the natural processes of aging lead to a shortage of oxygen in the cells. There are other factors which influence a negative impact on the condition of the skin. These include:

  • Smoking;
  • the use of alcoholic beverages;
  • frequent stress;
  • the use of cheap cosmetics;
  • adverse living conditions (poor environment, the inability to regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.);
  • hormonal disorders;
  • diseases of the reproductive organs, entailing a complete violation of their functionality and dramatic reduction in sex hormones in the body;
  • lack of sexual life, etc.

Fo skin O2 is a tool helps to saturate the skin cells with oxygen and other nutrients to restore its natural processes, increases skin elasticity and firmness and keeping the achieved results for a long time.

Disadvantages of modern means of rejuvenation

To say that the methods used last time to rejuvenate your skin, ineffective, impossible. However, to say that they are safe, too.

Injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid do contribute to the elimination of mimic and age wrinkles, and the drugs are well tolerated by the human body. Their danger lies in the introduction.

If you got an inexperienced beautician or will be violated sanitary norms of the procedure, this can result in unfortunate consequences (paralysis, sepsis, etc.).

Reviews about 4SKIN O2 are found only positive character. Not only ordinary women, but also beauticians. It provides the skin with all essential nutrients that instantly penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, acting on it from the inside. And as practice shows, the first results are visible already after one week of using this tool.


In the composition 4SKIN O2 are the following components:

Oxygen emulsion.Saturates cells with oxygen and activates them in the regeneration process.The aloe juice.Eliminates inflammation, improves the synthesis of elastin and collagen, reduces puffiness and gives the face a fresh look.The hood of the cochlea.

Has a nourishing and moisturizing effect that fights the effects of acne and removes the scars, provides cleansing from dead particles of the upper layer of the epidermis, rejuvenates.Wild raspberries deer antlers.

Is natural sources of hyaluronic acid, which promotes deeper moisturizing and nourishing of the skin, restoring it metabolism and to smooth facial wrinkles.Pineapple.Nourishes the cells with vitamins and minerals, normalizes the sebaceous glands, has antibacterial effect.

It’s not all components that contain oxygen cocktail O2 4SKIN. Detail about them and their action is described on the product packaging and on the official website of the manufacturer.


This tool is really effective, and many reviews about FD skin O2 proof. Its active ingredients contribute to:

  • saturation of skin cells with oxygen;
  • restoration of metabolism at the cellular level;
  • removing the inflammatory processes;
  • improvement of mikrotserkulyatsii blood;
  • the activation of collagen and elastin.
  • the improvement in the turgor of the skin;
  • smoothing expression lines and deep age-related wrinkles;
  • giving the skin a healthy and radiant look.

Clinical studies

4SKIN O2 for lifting repeatedly passed clinical trials and proved its effectiveness. 9 out of 10 women using this tool, noted a significant decrease in wrinkle depth, and 8 out of 10 got rid of the effects of acne and have noticed improved elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Competitive advantages

The advantages of this cosmetic product a lot. First, it has a natural composition. Second, it has no contraindications and side effects. Third, it triggers the natural processes at the cellular level, rejuvenating the skin and maintaining the results achieved in the long term. And fourth, the price of 4SKIN O2, unlike other treatments, is much lower.

Method of application

The product should be sprayed onto a thoroughly cleansed face, neck and neck 1 time a day. After 10 minutes after application, residues of oxygen cocktail should be rubbed into the skin with light massage until it is completely absorbed. This procedure is recommended to carry out courses of 7 days. For maximum results, should undergo 4 courses at intervals of not more than 3 days.

Where to buy Fo Skin O2

To buy this beauty product online. But in order not to run into a fake, buy it is on the official website of the manufacturer.

Expert opinion

4SKIN O2 – innovative cosmetic product that provides deep care, anti-aging effect and it is an excellent alternative to injections and plastic surgery. It includes only natural ingredients that enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin, to smooth wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and giving it a fresh and rested appearance.


Oxygen cocktail from wrinkles and aging

The facial skin is the most susceptible to age-related changes and because of the negative influence of various factors fade much sooner than the skin on other parts of the body. Many women look older than it actually is because they do not use effective means to care.

Now appeared in the sale of innovative oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin from wrinkle and aging, which becomes a powerful ally to women after 30 years in the fight against the negative changes of the skin.

This absolutely unique tool, which includes the “signal peptides” that have the ability to activate “young cells” and the substance that fills the recesses of the wrinkles, thereby pushing them from the inside.

Thus after application of the cocktail with the faces vanish all symptoms of age and younger it:

  • nasolabial folds are smoothed;
  • eliminates “crow’s feet” around the eyes;
  • the face lifts;
  • lost deep crease between the eyebrows;
  • fade bags under the eyes;
  • the skin becomes supple and elastic;
  • improving the water balance.

4Skin O2 launches the natural process of collagen and restore the intercellular tissue, promotes muscle relaxation, the reduction of which leads to wrinkles and neutralize the effects of free radicals that accelerate aging. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation in the epidermis, which enables you to get oxygen and nutrients to all layers.

The benefits of oxygen cocktail

Thousands of women have chosen for themselves 4Skin O2 primary means for care of face, as it has a number of advantages:

  1. has 100% effect;
  2. allows to rejuvenate the skin without the use of injections and operations.
  3. does not cause allergies;
  4. 80% made from natural ingredients;
  5. thoroughly tested and certified by international organizations.

The unique composition of oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin from wrinkles and aging

To create a revolutionary formula cocktail scientists took 3 years. 4 years she fine-tuned through rigorous testing tools. As a result, modern women have effective anti-aging agent based on natural components that help them to always look perfectly without wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Part 4Skin O2 includes such active substances:

  • the hood of the cochlea;
  • the fruits of Ruscus;
  • hood embliki;
  • fruit acerolla;
  • the extract from the leaves of amaranth.

Method of use

A two-month course of application of the cocktail would work wonders. The experience of women in just 19 days disappear wrinkles between the eyebrows, after 21 days crow’s feet, for 2 weeks the bags under my eyes, 3 weeks aligned the nasolabial folds, next month becomes fit oval face. How to use the tool specified in the manual, which is in each package.

Certificates of quality products

The product has been tested in laboratory and clinical conditions. Its efficacy and safety is recognized by experts that issued the certificates of high quality.

Where to buy oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin from wrinkles and aging

Ordering can be done directly on the website of the products from the comfort of home. Enter your phone number where you will call the Manager for further details. Payment is due upon delivery.

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Tool overview

Women have the opportunity to carry out a procedure to rejuvenate skin at home. The result of the application of oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin compare hardware lifting. Helps 4 weeks to return youthful radiance to the dermis and to get rid of facial wrinkles.

After the full course the effect lasts for 3 months. It is important that the use of the complex is completely safe, all the components are dermatologically tested. Quality and effectiveness are confirmed by numerous studies of experts and reviews about the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin.

Natural product will suit women of any age.Rich in active compounds complex infuses skin with oxygen, accelerates the regenerative processes and restores the balance of moisture and nutrients. The drug acts on the principle of a filler, filling the epidermal voids and pushing the wrinkles out.

The manufacturer recommends before going to the beautician to buy a vehicle from wrinkles 4Skin O2 and on their own experience to verify the effectiveness anti-aging complex.

What are the properties of

Unique oxygen complex – a combination of natural ingredients with the active substances. With regular use, you get the result comparable to salon anti-aging treatments.

The warranty of the manufacturer and according to the enclosed instructions, 4Skin O2 for lifting face skin:

  • Improves cellular respiration of the dermis;
  • Nourishes and restores the structure of collagen fibers;
  • Deeply moisturizes and prevents dehydration;
  • Eliminates sagging skin and tightens the face oval;
  • Provides comprehensive care for all layers of the epidermis.

Without surgery and injections of Botox, you will return the skin a natural radiance and health. Natural ingredients remove toxins and wastes, accelerate lymph flow and neutralize free radicals.

Many people want to buy, but don’t know which pharmacy to buy 4Skin O2. Unfortunately, complex is not found in free sale. Sterile ampoules are available only from the manufacturer. Ordering is easy to arrange on the official website. Thus, you will protect yourself from fraud and counterfeit products.

When necessary?

Active oxygen cocktail is recommended for all women to eliminate the defects associated with age-related changes. The serum will solve problems such as dull complexion and breaking of the circuit.The drug is used for swelling of the eyelids and to eliminate “crow’s feet”.

Botanical complex works effectively against wrinkles, dryness and tightness.

The cocktail will eliminate black spots, spider veins and narrows pores.

The cost 4Skin O2 commensurate with the price of a single injection of beauty. When purchasing a product on the full course, you save up to 15 thousand budget.

The principle of operation 4Skin O2

The formula of the Swiss juvaderm combines active oxygen, aloe Vera juice, plant extracts and extracts of deer antlers. When interacting with each other increases the effectiveness of each substance.

Plant compounds penetrate all layers of the skin, filling the cells with oxygen and moisture. Due to the increased cellular respiration, improved gas exchange, circulation and the process of division. Damaged tissue quickly regenerated, the cells receive sufficient nutrition and vitaminization.

Real reviews about 4Skin O2 for the facial rejuvenation they say that the first results are visible after a few applications. The complexion is improved, skin feels soft and taut. Leave dark circles under the eyes, eyes become open and clear.

What is the basis of the funds

Part 4Skin O2 from facial wrinkles includes:

  1. Wild Raspberries Deer Antlers. Source of hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes, nourishes and improves elasticity;
  2. Pineapple. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Normalizes sebum production, clears and tightens enlarged pores;
  3. Mulberry. Vitaminiziruet tissue, nourishes and protects against moisture loss. Removes harmful compounds, normalizes the production of melanin. Eliminates darkening of the eyelids and age spots;
  4. Aloe Vera. The juice of the plant is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Natural antibacterial agent. Treats acne and acne resolves scars and old spots from acne;
  5. Oxygen emulsion. Improves blood circulation, accelerates cell regeneration. Effectively combats circles and puffiness under the eyes;
  6. Snail slime. Used in cosmetics for face rejuvenation. Contains vitamins A, C and E. Provides nutrition and hydration of the dermis.

Reviews of doctors about 4Skin O2 from dry skin talking about high efficiency complex in the fight against aging. According to the results of clinical approbation of nearly 1,300 participants satisfied with the effect.

The results of clinical trials

Woman for 4 weeks, used the serum, and then evaluated the result. Participants noted that wrinkles are significantly reduced, no tightness and dryness.The complexion was noticeably lighter already 5 to 7 day use.

More than 50 % of the subjects talking about eliminating circles and bags under the eyes.

All women saw an improvement in firmness and elasticity.

After the tests, all the participants recommended to buy 4Скин O2 from black spots and wrinkles to their friends.

Key benefits

Cocktail with snail slime – a real breakthrough in cosmetology. No longer need to inject costly injections and put massive amounts of money the beautician. Anti-aging treatments you make yourself, at home.

An important distinction serum from analogue – natural composition. No allergies and side effects, only work on the result!

Particularly effective 4Скин O2 from the bags under the eyes – reviews women confirm this fact. Only 4 weeks of use and 3 months of you enjoying radiant skin.

Proven effectiveness

At minimal cost, at home your face is changing every day.

Active ingredients:

  • Have a cumulative effect;
  • Are similar hardware lifting;
  • Exclusively of natural origin;
  • Suitable for any type of skin;
  • Hypoallergenic and safe.

Ampoules with a cocktail styryl. The product does not contain chemical ingredients and GMO.

Price of oxygen cocktail for face 4Скин O2 available to everyone.

How to apply

According to the annotation of the face is cleaned. Next:

  1. Shake the ampoule to open it and spray on the face, neck and décolleté;
  2. To leave for influence for 10 minutes;
  3. The remains of the complex to RUB.

Do not store an open vial. The product should be used within 1 hour after opening.

To order oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin for the elasticity of the skin at factory price in the official store. Delivered by mail, cod.

Where to buy?

The price of 4Skin O2 should be clarified on the website of the manufacturer.

Buy 4Skin O2 in the official store.

Please note that payment takes place only after the issuance funds at the post office or delivery by courier.


The first wrinkle is always stressful. Look at yourself in the mirror and think: where is that girl that always 16? And begin frantically searching for a remedy that somehow will help to remove all this “beauty” that she your life is not spoiled.

This plan helped me a lot 4Skin O2. Don’t know whether you can win with it, age wrinkles, but facial halved in just 2 weeks! Pass the whole course and after some time, again, to fix the result.

Really really do not want to look older than their years. Girls will understand me!

Youth, stop! Of course, she can’t hear you, especially if you do not help the skin to stay beautiful. Oxygen cocktail bought, yet like everything. The consistency of the liquid, colorless, slightly oily.

When applied to the skin, remains lipoate feeling, but it passes after 5-10 minutes. It is therefore recommend to use it in the evening, not morning, or just mix with plain cream under makeup. Here it is as you prefer.

Of course, the result see immediately, as I did, but a week later I can confidently say that the skin is more hydrated and elastic, and the complexion fresh. My recommendations!

The time of the experiments. Bought 4Skin O2 as an experiment.

Of course, I had to think about skin care, not to wait for years, will take his own))) But this result I like, especially because in a month plan to repeat the course and remove facial wrinkles. One drawback: sample open is not very convenient, but on the third adjust without fail!

Natural cocktail natural beauty! Bought oxygen cocktails, take a few days, I can’t say that it completely removes the wrinkles of age and 10 years of age. But my face like: leather combination, this means that around the mouth it is dry and sensitive, but on other sites fatty.

Oxygen cocktail if recognized my problem and began to moisturize the skin where you need it. I also like that the consumption is small: I personally ampoule is divided into two times, store it in the fridge. The natural composition: aloe juice and snail slime always work well, tested on serums and creams.

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In General, do not expect great miracles, but how uhodom tool that leaves skin fresh, use is.



Not a panacea, but a way out. I hate to knit his brow, but often violate this prohibition. The result is obvious: wrinkles, which you can only hide under the bangs. Pinned on oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin high hopes, because the injection is generally not my thing, at least three thousand times of them well say.

I was just asking about the hardware, the oxygen lifting, eyes on a forehead got, and 4Skin O2 as the manufacturer promises, no worse than the procedure, and cheaper!!!


To buy in online store

4Skin O2 — rejuvenating cocktail of Swiss production to restore skin’s elasticity in 28 days.A multicomplex is universal — applicable to any type of the dermis, deeply moisturizes and nourishes. Formula fights age-related changes, manifested on the face, neck and décolleté. The effect persists for at least 3 months.

Buy O2 4Skin rejuvenation of the skin, beauticians recommend that women who wish to preserve the beauty of his youth without much money and time. Biocomplex hypoallergenic, certified, available in RF by the manufacturer. The use of the product will avoid injection therapy, surgical correction of facial contour.

The basic properties of bioactive

4Skin O2 — concentrated mix of natural components. The product provides a complex effect on the cell microstructure:

  1. the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms;
  2. protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  3. vitaminization;
  4. whitening;
  5. hydration.

Most reviews on the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin ensure its effectiveness. According to beauticians, the multicomplex is a cost — effective alternative to hardware rejuvenation.

Indications anti-aging concentrate

The process of aging starts after 25 years. Start time depends on the person’s lifestyle. The epidermis is one of the first authorities that irreversible changes began. To buy a vehicle 4Skin O2 from wrinkles on the face can be even before they appear. Smoothing of mimic and age wrinkles, tightening facial contour are the main but not the only purpose of the formula.

Natural concentrate is recommended to get rid of acne, rosacea, bruises under the eyes. It would help if the color of the epidermis is not as healthy as in my youth. Eliminates the medium and the feeling of dryness, tightness. Judging by the real reviews about 4Skin O2 to rejuvenate the skin, after application your appearance will not be tired and unkempt.

The effect of oxygen bioactive

Cell filling with moisture and nutrients can work wonders. Tool, rich with oxygen, vitamins, collagen, essential acids, minerals — the perfect food for any type of epidermis. Composition 4Skin O2 from facial wrinkles and reduction of elasticity is just such a product.

Its components deeply penetrate into the tissues, filling them with moisture and oxygen. The cell frame is smoothed, which explains the disappearance of wrinkles. Moisturizing prevents the feeling of tightness. Numerous reviews confirm — 4Скин O2 helps to get rid of bags under the eyes, age spots and even freckles because it has a slight bleaching property.

With regular use of within the featured course tool restores the skin’s elasticity, radiance, natural color and softness. It provides an effective lifting effect in the next few weeks. It is worth noting that the price of oxygen cocktail O2 4Скин for face much lower injection therapy, device-based cosmetology.

The active components of the composition

The unique formula due to its ingredients, which together create a rich nutritious drink. The main components of the multicomplex:

  • the antlers (oily and combination). Natural source of hyaluronic acid and collagen saturate their cells will start the process of regeneration;
  • aloe Vera (juice). Component known for its antibacterial properties. It removes inflammation, pimples, moisturizes the skin, bringing it from the inside;
  • pineapple. Different antibacterial properties, the ability to control sebum. Makes the flavor concentrate refreshing;
  • oxygen emulsion. Restores the intracellular metabolism, accelerates regeneration processes. Oxygen saturation of epidermis is the key to its youth and radiance;
  • mulberry. Moisturizes, nourishes, provides protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. Thanks to her, lightens freckles and pigmentation defects, eliminate circles of the eyelids;
  • the hood of the cochlea. Creates the effect of peeling, in parallel filling the cellular structure with moisture and nutrients. Component helps to eliminate most skin problems, a quick rejuvenation.

The price of oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin for the elasticity of the skin justifies this unique composition, which includes healthy, natural and effective components.

Clinical evidence for the effectiveness of funds

28-day applying oxygen serum provides:

  • restore the healthy color of the skin and elimination of bags in the eyelids have 515 people;
  • levelling of facial wrinkles in 215 women;
  • eliminate feelings of tautness and dryness of the epidermis from 207 girls;
  • significant smoothing age-related wrinkles from 172 respondents;
  • restoration of elasticity of the dermis from 134 users.

Reviews of doctors about 4Skin O2 from dry skin and wrinkles confirm the accuracy announced by the manufacturer data.

The benefits of the unique formula

A rejuvenating composition designed for self-use, which greatly simplifies the procedure of lifting care. The effect obtained from its course, persists until 3 months.Natural ingredients make the hypoallergenic. It does not cause habituation, is universal for any skin type.

Contains no toxins, chemicals, synthetic additives ensures minimum risk of irritation and side effects. The manufacturer focuses attention all buyers — vials completely sterile. The cost 4Skin O2 from wrinkles is also its advantage.

The results of course use composition

Full course home rejuvenation with the oxygen complex is 7 days. After the skin is significantly refreshed, looks much younger.

Depending on the condition of the epidermis, the manufacturer recommends a maximum of 4 courses in a row to reach the ultimate lifting effect.

Storage conditions and method of application 4Skin O2

In the closed state, the tool retains its effectiveness for 2 years. The activity of the components of the opened vial for 60 minutes is reduced by half, so use the serum you need quickly. Simple manual 4Skin O2 for lifting face skin:

  1. thoroughly cleanse face, neck and chest;
  2. to open the ampoule and put her in an enclosed spray gun;
  3. a nourishing concentrate for dry epidermis;
  4. after a few minutes to RUB the cocktail has not been absorbed by the skin.

Please note — 4Skin O2 to buy in the drugstore can not. Rejuvenating multicomplex must be booked on the official Russian version of the website of the manufacturer.

Only registered customers who purchased this product may leave feedback.


Unique tool

The beauty of a woman largely depends on the condition of the skin. Unfortunately, the age and poor ecological situation is not the best way affect our appearance. Wrinkles, dryness and changing of facial contours – all this only adds to the age. Often the usual cosmetic products are not able to provide proper care. This makes women to find a decent alternative

A unique tool for high-quality skin care is the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin. This means for outdoor applications, which combines natural ingredients only. With regular use cocktail nourishes the skin with essential substances. Gradually this leads to a smoothing of wrinkles and intensive hydration.

Attention! Due to the fact that 4Skin O2 very popular at the moment and so the Internet, a lot of fakes.

4Skin-o2.rucurrently there is a 50% discount

Buy 4Skin O2 with 50% discount*on the official website

Composition 4Skin O2

This tool is unique in form and composition. Beneficial effects of novelty on the following system components:

  • wild raspberries deer antlers – is a source of hyaluronic acid and nourishes the skin with nutrients such as phosphorus, iodine, manganese, potassium, zinc, sodium;
  • pineapple – normalizes sebum production, while providing antibacterial action;
  • mulberry – nourishes the skin, saturating it with a lot of vitamins and minerals, also helps to combat pigment spots and dark circles;
  • aloe Vera juice – helps to rejuvenate the skin, moisturizes and adds elasticity to the skin;
  • the snail extract – actively moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and eliminates a number of skin problems;
  • oxygen emulsion – improves complexion, gets rid of bags and bruises, slowing down the aging process.

The composition of this cocktail is safe. Additionally, this combination is ideal for all skin types.

Where to buy Oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin

As a rule, unique and really effective products for skin care are not presented in the usual stores. This new model is also no exception.

Buy 4Skin O2-wrinkle cream only from the official manufacturer. For the convenience of the customers order the tool on the website is possible at a convenient time. After this will just have to wait for delivery of a cocktail at the specified address.

Official website 4Skin O2 for facial wrinkles

This tool for skin care is unique. It has a different action from the usual creams and serums. To learn more about the cocktail effect only on the official website of the manufacturer.

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Especially for potential buyers there are model. Also on the website you can read reviews not only real women and professional beauticians.

With this information, it is much easier to make a choice.

Buy 4Skin O2 with 50% discount*on the official website

Buy Oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin at the pharmacy or cosmetics store will not work. This new product for skin care available on the official website of the manufacturer. Conveniently, this can be done at any time.

Buyers definitely need to fill in the order form on the official website. Direct registration takes place during a telephone conversation with the operator. If desired, the client may interrupt the process.

Delivery of the cocktail takes place in a post office and pay after the fact.

4Skin O2: divorce or the truth?

Restore skin beauty and youthfulness is not easy, and women know it. Numerous means are available for the price, have only a temporary and implicit results. More effective cosmetic procedures are not for everyone, not only because of the high prices, but because of contraindications.

Some women decided to try this new immediately after the appearance of one. Not everyone was pleased with the result. There were those who did not notice positive changes. Women enjoyed a cocktail every day, but not noticed even necessary for skin moisture. This new product is suitable for all types, so the reason for the lack of result is the acquisition of a knockoff.

How to distinguish a fake 4Skin O2

Rejuvenating effect you’ll be only fine. Among the large number of fakes are not just to make the right choice. Often women make the order where it is cheaper, but this benefit is questionable. Only fakes can be sold at a reduced price.

Quality cocktail can be purchased from the official manufacturer. On the website 4Skin O2 sold at a price of 294 rubles. There the order is made without payment. Conveniently, the cocktail is delivered in time to the post office.

4Skin O2 usage instructions

This tool helps only in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. On the packaging you find the following algorithm:

  1. thoroughly clean the skin of impurities by any usual means;
  2. to open an ampule and, using a special spray to put a cocktail on the face, neck and chest area;
  3. leave this remedy on the skin for 10 minutes, then RUB the remains into the skin.

The standard rate of this tool is 7 days. For receiving and stabilizing result, it is recommended to take 4 courses. This tool is suitable for women at any age and with different skin types.

Buy 4Skin O2 with 50% discount*on the official website

  1. Press the red button “Order”
  2. Leave your Name and Phone number on the order form
  3. The Manager will contact you by phone
  4. Confirm your request!


The multicomplex for women

After the 35-year milestone in every human organism begins to age. On the face appear first noticeable wrinkles, bags under the eyelids, pigmentation. All this spoils the appearance.

4Skin O2 – the newest development of scientists from Switzerland created for the renewal of the cells, and suspending the process of decay. This tool has already earned the recognition of the inhabitants of Europe and America.

Buy O2 4Skin rejuvenation of the facial skin today, many experts suggest, because the multicomplex contains natural ingredients, which provide maximum hydration, nutrition and oxygenation of cells. This reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, giving the epidermis a radiant and luxurious look in just 4 weeks of constant use.

The healing properties 4Skin O2

Reviews about the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin mostly positive.

And all because the drug saturates the cells with the necessary nutrients that instantly penetrate the deeper layers of the epithelium, exerting influence from the inside.

Practice confirms that the early results of use are visible already after 7 days after application. And this is achieved thanks to the beneficial properties of money, namely by:

  • saturation of the epidermis with oxygen;
  • regeneration of the metabolism at the cellular level;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • start the production of collagen fibers and elastin;
  • improving skin turgor;
  • smoothing of wrinkles;
  • give a shining look.

If you buy 4Скин O2 from the black dots on the official website, and begin his course application, then after one month you will be able to appreciate the beauty and luxury of leather without a single hint of wrinkles and other age-related defects. This effect is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

When you want to use?

Judging by the numerous reviews, 4Скин O2 from the bags under the eyes you should use to all those who have a “crow’s feet” around the eyes, wrinkles and other skin defects. In addition, the tool will be useful in identifying the dullness and tightness of the surface epithelium, the formation of bags under the lower eyelids, acne and rosacea, as well as changing the shape of the face.

To buy a vehicle 4Skin O2 from wrinkles on the face you can directly through the website of the manufacturer at a low price.

How does O2 4Skin

The novelty is famous for its performance and efficiency. The principle of its operation is quite simple. Many doctors recommend their clients to buy oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin for the elasticity of the skin at the price of the manufacturer, because it provides anti-aging effects.

When applying it to the surface of the dermis of the active substance are instantly transmitted to all its layers. They start to work literally within 2-3 minutes, providing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating effect. After a week of daily use, the manufacturer promises a first clear results.

What components are included

The unique multicomplex fills every cell with oxygen and other necessary substances. It gives you the opportunity to recover in the deeper layers of the epithelium natural processes. Part 4Skin O2 of facial wrinkles include:

  1. Aloe Vera juice rejuvenates the skin, has disinfectant properties, soothes inflammation, fights age-related flaws, moisturizes and improves elasticity.
  2. The emulsion of oxygen activates skin metabolism, improves tone, eliminate dark circles under the eyelids, slows the aging.
  3. The snail mucus extract contains a complex of vitamins, heals acne and scars, provides intense nutrition and moisturizing, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, is an anti-aging component.
  4. The antlers nehvatka hyaluronic acid, a beneficial effect on cell renewal.
  5. Pineapple is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, has antibacterial properties.
  6. Mulberry helps to eliminate bags near the eyelids and age spots.

Affordable price 4Скин oxygen cocktail O2 for the skin and its qualitative composition with the cumulative effect makes the product beneficial for many women. Those who are able to evaluate the effects of the products, it is recommended to use.

Clinical studies

According to the doctors, 4Skin O2 from dry skin completed the necessary studies, which involved more than 1200 members of the fairer sex. They applied a cocktail for four seven-day courses according to the proposed instructions.

At the end of the course use, a survey was conducted that showed incredible results. 215 women confirmed that getting rid of facial wrinkles. 172 ladies said that age-related changes become almost invisible. 515 participants noted the improvement in color. 207 patients were assured that we were able to get rid of tightness.


Plastic surgery is a serious cosmetic intervention, Botox injections – pleasure not from cheap, and also very dangerous to health. Compared to them sold 4Skin O2 from dry skin cost of manufacturer, and completely harmless to the body. In addition, the cocktail has five important advantages:

  • prolonged effect for 3 months after a course;
  • natural composition, do not cause side effects and addictive;
  • the absence of contraindications;
  • safety and hypoallergenicity;
  • is an analogue of the oxygen facelift.


If you believe the majority of real reviews, O2 4Skin rejuvenation of the facial skin has a high efficacy, which is in plant composition.

Clinical trials proved that the drug after a week of use it has a powerful rejuvenating effect. After which the skin becomes radiant and fresh.

Method of application

Use the product in three steps. Manual 4Skin O2 for lifting skin contains the following information:

  1. Clean the epidermis from dirt in the usual way.
  2. Open the vial and spray the product on problem areas using a special nozzle.
  3. Wait 10 minutes and then massage the residual product into the skin.

The minimum treatment is 7 days. However, the manufacturer recommends that you use the product continuously for 28 days.

Important! Use of the ampoule immediately after opening, since the tool loses its effectiveness after one hour. The shelf life of product is 24 months.

Where to buy?

Today 4Skin O2 to buy in the drugstore will not work. It is sold only online through official resource of the company-manufacturer. The acquisition of funds, therefore, will allow you to protect yourself from buying low quality fakes.


Lorenza Scoma

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