Alcoblocker (Alcobaca) – drops against alcoholism: real customer reviews, overview of the drug, instructions for use

Alko blocker (blocker alco) — drops against alcoholism, approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. 95% treated with the help of these drops have been able to overcome the addiction for 28-30 days. Due to the natural composition of the drug not only saves you from craving for alcohol, but also normalizes the body.

Alko blocker developed by Russian scientists. The drug aims to eliminate psychological dependence. In contrast to their advertised counterparts Alco blocker safe for health.

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Statistics say that over the past five years, the number of people suffering from alcohol dependence, increased by 10%. Each year from addictions to alcohol in Russia is dying 76000 people. And this figure continues to grow.

85% of domestic violence is the result of alcohol abuse. More than 75% of families have to put up with the fact that the home lives of alcohol addicted people.

According to statistics, by 2016 30% of cases of causing death by negligence is guilty, people suffering from pernicious craving for alcohol.

How does Alko blocker?

Alko blocker helps to cope with alcohol problems of any severity in the short term. The work of the drug takes place in three stages:

  1. Promotes body cleansing: removes toxins and breakdown products of alcohol.
  2. Suppress psychological cravings for alcohol, gradually eliminating the dependency.
  3. Normalizes the heart, liver and nervous system.

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The process of getting rid of alcohol addiction is without severe consequences. Arise painful withdrawal, mental disorders or nervous breakdowns. The patient feels like his body is cleared and begins to work better.


Part of Alko blocker contains only natural ingredients, backed by science

  • aloe Vera helps to cope with craving for alcohol products;
  • brahmi causes aversion to alcohol, eliminating the possibility of breakdowns;
  • thyme helps to cleanse the body, restores the liver cells;
  • centaury displays the decay products of alcohol, strengthens the vascular system;
  • motherwort relieves nervous tension, normalizes blood pressure and sleep mode;
  • bluish Altai helps to avoid nervous breakdowns;
  • the ghee makes it easy to endure a period of struggle with alcohol dependence.

The preparation is part of the Indian spice turmeric, the therapeutic properties known for thousands of years. It enhances the action of other components 30 times.

When to start taking Alko blocker?

Start taking alcohol blocker is recommended in the following cases:

  • if the person is unable or unwilling to quit drinking on their own;
  • if intoxicated, he is aggressive, is a threat to society;
  • refuses to seek help in institutions;
  • attachment to alcohol has reached the second stage. People do not go to work or school. Responds aggressively to the care of others. His only goal is to get a drink.

Usage instructions

Alko blocker should be taken with food according to instructions within 30 days. The dosage depends on the age of the person.

The only contraindication to the use of alcohol blocker is the individual intolerance of the drug components. Upon detection of allergic reaction the treatment should be immediately discontinued.

Where to buy Alko blocker?

Alko blocker is not sold in pharmacies. Order the drug on the official website . The price of the drug at a discount of 50% is 990 rubles for 30 ml. One bottle is enough for the entire course of treatment.

The application for obtaining of the drug can be issued at the bottom of the home page. To order you must specify your name and phone number. Within five working days the application will process and call you back to clarify the address and the desired amount of product.

Orders are delivered after 2-3 weeks. Paid for the parcel when receiving the parcel.

If you do not want to become a victim of fraud, order the product only on the official site.

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The opinion of the doctor-psychiatrist

Mironov Valery Nikolaevich, 24 years of experience: Alko blocker (blocker alco) — drops against alcoholism, which has proved its efficiency on the example of my patients. People, who for years could not cope with craving for alcohol, like magic, get rid of addiction in just 30 days.

In my eyes a miracle happened, otherwise will not say: after months of receiving Alko blocker happy the patients come to reception and was told that they have lost the desire to drink. Their health and relationships with family have improved significantly. Life returned to normal.

Currently Alko blocker is the most effective and safe means to deal with alcohol dependence. Of course, each person is different. Not everyone will approach this method of treatment. But my personal experience says that in 95% of cases this medication doesn.


Usage instructions

Hello! My name is Svetlana Kashuba, I am 37 years old, live in Moscow. I want to tell you my sad life story, but with a good ending. Married for 16 years. Have two children.

Unfortunately, not all the years of my family experience was happy because my husband is addicted to alcohol. First, he was drinking with friends on Fridays after work beer, citing the fact that after a hard days work he needed to relax.

Began the scandals, he even dared to raise a hand to me in front of the children, that did not really affected their psyche. Then he fired and he even slipped into the abyss.

Alko blocker (alco blocker)

Alco blocker have helped later, but first began with svekrovi to carry it on all doctors. Withdrawal from binge, drug was released from the hospital, everything seems normal, but then again Bang and drink. I have the feeling that something is stuck in the brain. Took him even to his grandmother, but the conspiracies did not help.

It only remained to expel from the house like a mangy dog, filed for divorce, but swagruha was me tearfully begged that he says he will leave the family generally disappear.

Decided to give it another chance, but said that my patience is not infinite, and just for the sake of respect and for the sake of our children that when they grow up will not thank me for not fighting for their father.

We bought Alco Blocker, dripping it according to the instructions for use. Due to the composition and the opinion of a respected psychiatrist got rid of alcoholism forever.

Many of the dependent and their relatives praised a very good remedy. This medicine Alko Blocker. Of course, I am skeptical of those drugs that can only be ordered online.

But the choice that I was not special. If there is the slightest chance of deliverance from alcoholism, you need to try! Moreover, the price was at all funny!

Began to collect more detailed information about Alcobaca: what is it, are there any side effects, contraindications, how many on the course have how to order Alko blocker, is there a pharmaceutical equivalent, and how many times a day to take, etc.

I was interested in the smallest info and reviews of doctors and people I am completely convinced that Alko Blocker is not another dummy, not bad, but really genuine panacea, which helps to give up alcohol once and for all!

Instructions for use of drops

The drug is available in the form of drops that you can add to food or beverages. At the same time, taste the drops impossible to catch. More detailed refrigerator for use Alko blocker goes in each package, but a bit briefly talk about this, to make it clear how simple it is.

Make Alcobaca should be for a month, 3-4 drops once a day. After 14 days, more than 30% of patients notice that symptoms of alcohol dependence are beginning to disappear and that to quit drinking is not a problem.

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Where to buy alco blocker (the price on the official website)

Buy Alko Blocker in the pharmacy, does not work. It can be ordered only through the Internet on the official website of the manufacturer.

  • Order ALCO blocker on the official website at factory price

Please note that there are negative feedback about fakes. Yeah, don’t be surprised! This could be. Unfortunately, many people make similar upakovochki and shoved at a lower price, profiting from the misery of others. Hands would be so… But never mind that. Look at how much the alco blocker (drops against alcoholism) on the official website.

Important question: how to determine a fake. The original contains a special code, which is easy to check not fake it. When I received my bottle did so, and my first request I was given a certificate of quality.

The opinion of the psychiatrist about the drug (composition)

Sick addiction which has reached the last stage, when alcohol became a constant part of life. While they may not recognize the problem and be aggressive.

So you can use Alko Blocker without the knowledge of the patient.
Those who have tried many other ways to get rid of their addiction, such as drug treatment or coding.

They do not always succeed, but are expensive.

In Alcobaca includes only natural ingredients that guarantees safety and no side effects upon consumption. The main active ingredients are: bacopa monnieri; motherwort, thyme, Altai bluish, aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, centaury, kukuma. The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation recommends the use, side effects have not been identified.

My results and recommendations

Husband gave up alcohol after one course of treatment. PAH-PAH already been seven months, and it is a drop in the mouth is not kept, do not even pull says. Got a job, started giving me gifts, taking the kids to school, to do lessons.

With friends, but those who do not drink smoke. After all, most likely, bad company helped him to embark on the path of alcoholism. Now he’s not sitting with them at the bar and families were friends, seeing each other at dinner parties). Children play, parents socialize, no scandals at home, everyone is happy!



Drops contain useful components that work at the molecular level and block the craving for alcohol. Application instructions contains detailed information about the drug. It says that with the drug one can get rid of alcohol addiction and return to a normal healthy life.

The description of the drug

Alko blocker eliminates the attraction to alcohol on a physical level. No matter how long it took people alcohol, he was able to deliver him from addiction. Alco blocker cleanses the body of toxins, decay products of ethanol and other harmful substances.

The drug prevents a large number of pathological diseases that are caused by poisoning the body with alcohol.

Buy Alcobaca at the pharmacy or online store. It is sold without prescription, but before applying it is recommended to consult with your doctor. He will prescribe the necessary dosage.

Alco blocker is a highly effective medicine that works through the basic principles:

  • it relieves alcohol intoxication;
  • gently cleanses the body of toxins and harmful substances;
  • dulls the desire to take alcoholic drinks.

Alko blocker contains active ingredients which have a positive effect on the Central nervous system, so the craving for alcohol is greatly reduced. Use drops is that they improve metabolism, strengthen the blood vessels and heart muscle.

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The composition of the drug

Against alcoholism drops contain the following active ingredients:

  1. Aloe Vera. This plant copes well with the attachment to alcoholic beverages.
  2. Thyme. A very useful herb which is perfectly cleanses the body from harmful damaging agents.
  3. The centaury. A unique component to the health of the heart and blood vessels.
  4. Motherwort. Calms the nervous system dependent, normalizes sleep.
  5. Bluish Altai. Also be incredibly relaxing and relieves stress.

The rich composition of the drug is directed to the fact that the fight against alcoholism will be conducted in all directions.

All the ingredients are completely natural drops do not contain synthetic ingredients so they are safe and do not cause side effects.

Composition drops Alko blocker developers have picked so that certain ingredients cleanse the body, and others reduced alcohol affected organs and have a calming effect.

The benefits of the drug Alko blocker

Despite the fact that the drug was developed not so long ago, it already enjoys huge popularity among consumers and received good feedback about its effectiveness and safety. With his help, many people are unable to get rid of addiction. The drops are recommended to receive a drug treatment and other professionals.

The main advantages of the drug are as follows:

  • all natural drops allows you to use them absolutely all patients, because they practically do not have any contraindications, do not cause dependence on the means and side effects;
  • after a few days of vacation I have no desire to drink alcohol;
  • with their help it is easy to overcome the psychological craving for alcohol;
  • you can quickly and efficiently bring the patient out of a long binge;
  • drops able to prevent the breakdowns, the psychosis, the result of alcohol dependence;
  • the drug relieves depression;
  • you can take it absolutely at any stage of alcoholism;
  • the drug enhances immunity, improves the digestive tract.

How to take the drug?

Instruction manual States that it is necessary to observe precisely the dosage of the medicine.

How to take the drug correctly? One of the advantages of funds is that the dependent person is not necessarily aware that the family wish to deliver him from harmful habits.

However, his family definitely need to consult with your doctor, so he can calculate the required dosage. Besides the need to tell him about the possible allergic reactions of the patient or individual intolerances, if any.

As for side effects, they are almost there. Sometimes the patient may feel a slight weakness, but mostly people notice that they have increased strength, and mood have improved.

The drug has some contraindications for use.

Not recommended for people who have sensitivity to any ingredient, pregnant women and nursing mothers, adolescents, and those suffering from pronounced heart and kidney failure.

In any case can not accept Alko blocker with alcohol. This can lead to the fact that the human condition will worsen, vomiting, nausea, severe headaches.

On all holidays it is possible to do without it, not to mention daily relaxation using alcohol.

Drops Alko blocker is not a chemical drug, it quickly and effectively helps people who suffer from alcoholism. No wonder he has earned the trust of not only consumers, but also among leading experts.


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