Alcotaboo (Alatau) – set of alcoholism: feedback from customers and physicians, the result of the action of the drug

AlcoTaboo — modern complex, designed to help people suffering from alcohol dependence. Thanks to modern technology, managed to get the formula that inhibits cravings for alcohol and returns the patient to a sober, healthy life.

Plus it is anonymous add to food or drinks without the knowledge of the alcoholic. Buy AlcoTaboo from alcoholism is possible without leaving your home, simply order the item online and wait for shipment. No one will know your secret, the drug will be packaged and hidden from prying eyes.

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About the dangers of alcohol has long been known. Alcohol is the cause of poor families, relationship conflicts, and, of course, serious health problems. Frequent “attachment” to the bottle threatens the destruction of the liver, diseases of the cardiovascular and urogenital systems and in the development of cancer.

In a couple where at least one partner abuses alcohol doubles the risk of pathological pregnancy and the birth of an unhealthy child. According to statistics, alcohol addicted people, the average person lives about 10-15 years less than his peers, leading the right lifestyle.

Reviews about Sasha Alco Taboo confirm the possibility of treatment and prevention of disease, give a chance for complete freedom from addiction.You will fit this tool if you:

  • I feel the uncontrollable craving for the bottle;
  • to no avail the therapy in the clinic;
  • want to help a loved one;
  • suffer from a permanent hangover;
  • notice that your life is falling apart;
  • do you want to improve your health and get rid of bad habits.

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Composition AlcoTaboo hangover natural. Not used in the production of chemical substances that can cause allergic reactions or other side effects.


  • Blocking the craving for alcohol.
  • Complex cleansing of the organism, getting rid of toxins and carcinogens, improve the functioning of the organ systems.
  • Reduction of unpleasant symptoms of a hangover.
  • Prevention of breakdowns.
  • Improving overall health, enhancing immunity.

Buy complex AlcoTaboo for alcohol dependence.

Distributor offers to purchase goods on favourable terms and gives a discount on your first order.

The history of creation

The idea of developing active formula came after a study of the problem in different parts of the world. It turned out that the Japanese are the least affected by alcohol dependence, although alcohol use in the country of the rising sun is not uncommon.

In the culture of drinking not only at weddings but also at business meetings and on weekdays after labor day. But despite a large percentage of drinkers in Japan, virtually no alcoholics. The secret lies in the special drink, which it is customary to drink during the feast.

The main ingredient of secret remedies — an extract of a Candy tree. It helps the Japanese to reduce the hangover and prevent the craving for alcohol.

Unfortunately, the encoding and receiving of drugs have several side effects and have a significant load on the internal organs, impairs the health, and do not guarantee a successful outcome.

In order to forget about the bottle, it is recommended to buy drinking Taboo from alcoholism.

How does AlcoTaboo

The effective ingredients penetrate into the tissues and organs of an alcoholic, and start the process of effective purification, regeneration of the body, eliminate carcinogens and toxins that have accumulated during long-term blackouts.

People notice reduced cravings for a glass, feeling a surge of strength and energy. Manual means Alco Taboo for alcohol dependence simple and clear to everyone. If necessary, the drug can be slipped anonymously.


  1. Dihydromyricetin. Extract is a candy tree that blocks the effects of alcohol on brain receptors, reduces toxicity and reduces the level of intoxication.
  2. Thyme. Restores the nervous system, providing effective prevention of breakdowns, returns the patient calm and self-control.
  3. St. John’s wort. Eliminates morning hangover, improves overall health, relieves headaches.
  4. The licorice root. Removes toxins, helps to regulate the regime of the day.
  5. The root of kudzu. Blocks the craving for alcohol.
  6. Alpha sopoleva acid. Has a powerful antioxidant effect and restores the damaged cells of the liver, reduces negative effects of alcohol.

To check the price of powder AlcoTaboo from alcoholism on the official website of sales. The friendly consultant will take an application and details about the product.

The opinion of a specialist

Reviews of doctors about the complex AlcoTaboo for cleansing the body have already appeared on the virtual pages of online portals. Experienced drug experts talk about their opinions and share them with virtual readers.

Here is what one of the experts: “the facility became known recently, but even in that short time, the drug was able to establish itself in the market. Thanks to well-prepared formula powder helps to reduce cravings for alcoholic beverages, take the edge off and improve overall health.

Unlike conventional therapies, the tool works gently, without causing unpleasant consequences.”


  • High efficiency confirmed with a grateful feedback about Alko Taboo from a hangover.
  • The possibility of anonymous treatment of the alcoholic without his knowledge.
  • A quick result.
  • The reasonable cost of the drug Alco Taboo from a hangover.
  • No side effects and contraindications.
  • 100% natural ingredients.


Real reviews about AlcoTaboo from alcoholism prove the effectiveness of the product. People who need help can now get it from the comfort of home: your order is available online.

Don’t have to say dependent on therapy, enough from time to time added tool to the food and drink.

After a few days the patient will notice changes in your health and find the strength to refuse the bottle.

What you will get from using the tools?

  • The opportunity to begin a sober life.
  • The lack of hangover, and as a result, the refusal to continue the binge.
  • Normalized nervous system.
  • A peaceful family life, without scandals and insults to loved ones.
  • Improving the health of the cardiovascular, genitourinary and digestive systems.
  • The economy of the family budget on paying for ineffective therapies, for example, coding.

Buy AlcoTaboo from alcoholism in the pharmacy is impossible, sale of the goods only through the Internet.

In order to reduce the risk of getting counterfeits, it is recommended to place your order on the official website of the distributor.

Method of application

  1. Pour half a Cup of pure water.
  2. Dissolve contents of one sachet.
  3. To drink every day, regardless of time of day.

Also the tool can be added to liquid food like soup or porridge.


The effect of the drug

Not every drug used to combat alcoholism, it is effective.

Collection Alatau according to the manufacturer, is able not only to heal the sick, but also to restore body functions that were derived from the normal state to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

The drug has established itself on the positive side. After the product passed clinical trials, it was approved for sale. Today to buy such a product allows a huge number of shops, but the most proven provider is the official website.

How does the drug

Natural collection from alcoholism is aimed at normalizing the functions of internal organs. It cleanses the body, allowing the patient to feel the improvement in health status. Drug:

  • The effect on purification and removal of toxins that accumulate in excessive quantities because of the constant alcoholism;
  • Reduces the craving for alcohol and drunkenness. In addition, it causes nausea when alcohol and helps to get rid of dependence;
  • Cleanse the colon and liver of harmful substances that exacerbate the condition of the patient;
  • Normalizes blood flow and revitalizes the cells of the nervous system.

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Use the collection on a regular basis will get rid of bad habits and clean your body from the accumulation of hazardous substances. The drug proved to be positive due to the efficiency and absence of contraindications.

Truth or divorce

On the Internet there are bad reviews that can scare the patient. In addition, it is also possible to find those responses that indicate the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug.

To find out whether that means the patient will need to verify this independently, as information is not always reliable.

Will help in this matter the advice of your doctor. The patient needs to provide the drug and to obtain recommendations. Less common method that is used to verify the effectiveness of a drug – a communication on specialized forums with people who Alatau.

But still, to rely on information obtained from reliable sources, it is impossible. Therefore, a person must self analyze and decide whether he is a tool.

Application of funds

Drug Alcotaboo is a colorless powder which has no smell, no obvious taste. One pack contains 7 sachets. The content of one packet dissolved in 150 milliliters of water. After that the tool will need to be carefully mix and allow it to infuse for 10-15 minutes.

To take the medicine once a day, no matter what time of day. The collection can be added to any food or beverages that do not contain added alcohol. Treatment of the patient can occur without his knowledge, as it simply fails to recognize the presence of the drug they are consumed in food.

If the patient has slight predisposition to alcoholism, the recovery course can last for 14 days. At a more advanced stage drinking Alatau need to the time is not yet manifest strong resistance to alcohol.

To apply the medication in combination with food, as it is compatible with any food and drinks except alcohol.


About the drug

Composition Alatau truly unique, and it includes such components:

  • Concentrate licorice root. Eliminates the predisposition to alcoholism and toxins that exist in the internal organs of a person;
  • Extract from the Reishi mushroom. Has a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys. Application component relieves stress and restores the nerve cells;
  • Extract from the root of kudzu. Eliminates the pathological craving for alcohol, but it also removes toxic substances from the body;
  • The extract of thyme. The patient provokes disgust and nausea during the consumption of alcohol;
  • The lemongrass extract. Stimulates brain function and returns the function to normal;
  • St. John’s wort extract. Prevents breaking, because of which the patient does not arise craving for drunkenness.

Components of the drug for the treatment of alcoholics is balanced, so it has the maximum effect and allows you to comprehensive treatment, using only one tool.

To know the price

Observing instructions and rules of application, the person will be able to not only recover from addiction, but also to improve your body in General. Of the internal organs will be removed toxic substances, which will contribute to improving General health.

Real reviews patients

Roman, 32. SPb:

“After breaking up with the woman in my head was a lot of bad things, including suicide. To drown out the psychological crush helped regular drink.

At first I thought it was only for a while, but then I realized that I had reached such a stage of alcoholism that dwell alone I will not succeed.

A former drinking buddy advised me means Alcoceba, for which I am very grateful to him, now we’re talking sober and without harm to health. Yes and married for the second time!”

Olga, 50 years. Kazan:

“My husband we have been together for more than twenty years, but not so long ago we had a serious obstacle, which almost caused the collapse of our once strong family. All because of his addiction to alcohol.

Voluntary treatment is not wanted, so I had to take the advice of a local doctor, buy colorless powder Alatau and tell her husband to pour it off with him right in tea. He still doesn’t know how to get rid of the disease, but know I do.

Real patient testimonials attest to the effectiveness and efficiency of drugs.

People claim that they were able to overcome alcohol addiction for 2-3 months use of medication. Others won’t allow definitive conclusions, as the tool was used in combination with other pills.

Do not do without the negative reviews that say that the medicine was completely ineffective. But in fact, it is easy to refute. Bad feedback is often left by people who used the wrong medication or does it not acquired.

To rely on the feedback of other people or not, it’s each person. The patient needs to make sure that it is necessary.

Where to buy

To date, the drug is not being implemented in pharmacies, but to buy it will not be difficult. The best option would be to order the tool on the official website. The patient will receive high-quality and original product at no extra charge, which will help to heal and will not cause complications on the internal organs, particularly the liver and kidneys.

To know where to buy the drug, on specialized forums with communication with other people, but only the official website can guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product.

How much is the product, you can also learn by visiting the manufacturer’s website. The average price of 1000 rubles. the Price may change depending on stock.

Do not drink alcohol. It adversely affects the liver, kidneys and other organs, and destroys the nervous system. Take care of your health, because you can buy it for money is impossible.

  • Tried numerous ways but nothing works?
  • Once coding was ineffective?
  • Alcoholism destroying your family?
  • It happens if You have so that drinking small amounts of alcohol you wanted to drink more and more?
  • It happens if You have morning vomiting?
  • Whether you are drinking alone?
  • Have you had loss of memory (what happened yesterday) after a great party?
  • Does it happen that You the next day after the feast, tormented by guilt ?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia, or frequent probodeniem at night?
  • It happens if you have a hand tremor (shaking hands)?

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There is a solution!

Effective in helping get rid of the addiction is AlcoTaboo from alcoholism — a complex of new generation, which not only helps heal, but also restores the healthy condition of the victim of the liver and body in General.

The drug not only heals the body and eliminates the symptoms of alcohol intoxication, but also weakens the craving for alcohol. Use our tips and reviews readers hope our review will help to solve the problem and save the family.

Declaration of conformity to Alatau

Buy AlcoTaboo from alcoholism, price

When you buy tools, special attention should be paid to its authenticity. The release of funds to date is limited. That is why unscrupulous manufacturers and scammers are putting on the market a large number of fakes and counterfeit drug.

Buy original AlcoTaboo from hard drinking and alcoholism on the official website of the manufacturer that has all the information about the product and reviews from real buyers.

Remember, a quality product sold exclusively on the official website. So-called sites-intermediaries and retail outlets operate dubious retailers who do not trust their health.

Price from the manufacturer on the official website AlcoTaboo from alcoholism ask the consultant, it depends on the stock and region.

AlcoTaboo — for the treatment of alcoholism

In the early days of its entering the international market, the drug has attracted the attention of many specialists and doctors involved in the treatment have a drinking problem.

The result of the research was overwhelming: the effectiveness of the drug was so high that it immediately began to use in the course of disposal dependent of many countries.

The action of the drug and its description the following:

  1. removes the feeling of “hangover”;
  2. contributes to the development of aversion to alcohol;
  3. toxins and waste products from the body;
  4. prevents the appearance of feelings of “alcohol withdrawal”;
  5. restores a healthy condition of the liver.

Drug alcohol Taboo in drinking bouts

Drug treatment alcohol Taboo in heavy drinking bouts, has many advantages:

  • the effectiveness of the treatment is noticeable after the first application;
  • the tool is made of plant-based, without added chemicals;
  • does not require a prescription;
  • not addictive;
  • due to its shape, the drug can completely unnoticed to add in food of the patient.


In the composition AlcoTaboo from alcoholism there are no harmful components, chemicals, hormones and GMOs. It is composed of purely herbal ingredients:

  • hood’s candy tree (destroys the consequences of alcohol poisoning and eliminates the craving for alcohol);
  • St. John’s wort and thyme (cause aversion to alcohol and prevent the emergence of withdrawal);extract of licorice root (reduces toxicity);
  • Eastern grapevine (normalizes sleep and brings pressure back to normal);
  • the organic alpha-lipoic acid (protects the liver).

Instruction to the powder

Dissolve in water

Release form – sachet filled with drug powder. Before using the product, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the annotation. Carefully read the instructions for use powder AlcoTaboo (Alko Taboo). This tool not only from alcoholism, but from a protracted binge.

The drug AlcoTaboo from alcoholism can be taken with or without food, and dissolved in water (100 gr. in a glass of water). The recommended dosage is one sachet per day. The desired results can be achieved only in the case of daily use. The minimum period of use is 2 weeks.

Your feedback about the complex from alcoholism AlcoTaboo

Dear readers, your comments, recommendations and feedback on the complex for the treatment of alcoholism AlcoTaboo, leave in the correct form.


Real customer reviews

Alcohol dependence is a serious problem of modern society. The reasons relate to the availability of alcoholic beverages. Statistics mentions the amount of 300 billion euros per year, comprising the cost of treatment of addiction and the purchase of alcohol among the inhabitants of Europe. Alcoholism takes the first place among the causes of family breakdown.

85% of accidents committed in a state of intoxication, and about 60% of people who decided to commit suicide, suffered from alcohol addiction. Alcohol use negatively affects human health, weigh down the progress of the disease. Therefore, it is relevant to the treatment of alcoholism safe ways, for example using Alatau (alcotaboo).

What is the composition

Substance will neutralize the negative impact of alcohol on the brain receptors, preventing the development of hangovers and the destruction of the nerve structures.

Other components of the drug alcohol dependence alcohol taboo:

  • The licorice root. Stabilizes liver cells. Reduces toxicity, prevents the development of alcohol-dependent behavior.
  • St. John’s wort and thyme. Plant extracts form a physical aversion to alcohol. The strongest antidepressants. Struggling with the symptoms of a hangover: headache, brittle.
  • The Root Of Kudzu. Removes toxins, helping to cleanse the body. Calms the nervous system, eliminates the negative consequences of the abuse: hypertension, sleep disorders, anxiety.
  • Schisandra Chinensis Fruits. Antidepressant. Stimulates NA, improves mood, reduces depression.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid. Designed to protect the liver. Natural antioxidant.

Natural ingredients alco taboo have a multipurpose effect. According to the instructions, the drug of alcoholism removes the craving for alcohol, by acting on its causes. A favorable effect on the Central nervous system, restoring cellular structures and tissue of the liver, improving its antitoxic action. Collection Alatau softens the symptoms of a hangover.

When you can apply

Use Аlcotaboo allowed at any stage of alcoholism. Indications Alatau:

  • Hangover, the symptoms of intoxication with ethyl alcohol.
  • Reducing craving for alcohol.
  • Accelerating the elimination of toxins and decay products after the abuse of alcohol.
  • Depression, irritability, mood swings that accompany withdrawal symptoms from alcohol.
  • Breaking and failures against the background of withdrawal.

Apply Alcotaboo required under the following situations.


Against the background of a wide range of drugs from alcohol, the question arises about the benefits Alatau. Positive sides of application of funds Аlcotaboo reflected real customer reviews:

  • The naturalness of the ingredients.
  • Mutual synergy of the components that contributes to strengthening the effectiveness of the Аlcotaboo.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The performance on any stage of alcoholism.
  • A quick effect.
  • The ease of use.

How to apply and who is contraindicated

In the instructions and on the official website there is no clear guidance on contraindications to Alatau. Common restrictions are the intolerance to the components of the tool. Side effects – allergic reactions.

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Usage is simple:

  • Carefully open the bag with loose components.
  • Contents dissolved in 1/2 glass of water.
  • Mix well.
  • Take 1 serving per day.

The effectiveness and evaluation of treatment results

Conventional medicine has no comment on the effectiveness Alatau. The drug Аlcotaboo not been registered in Russia as a Bud or drugs prescribed for alcoholism. To draw unambiguous conclusions concerning Alatau, based on real reviews of specialists, will not work.

Natural composition and absence of “side effects” — the significant advantages Аlcotaboo. Relatives of alcoholics consider advantage of the possibility of anonymous treatment suffering addiction.

Users of mind that the extract of the fruit “candy” tree famous Japanese healers, because the plant originally grows in the Caucasus and the tropics of America. In relation to the effectiveness opinions naturopaths positive:

  • The plant is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Restores damaged liver cells.
  • Removes toxic substances.
  • Contains a lot of vitamins. Fruits are rich in ascorbic acid.

How much is

Buy Alatau (Alcotaboo) via the Internet. In pharmacies, the drug of alcoholism is not for sale. The average price Alcotaboo:

  • Russia – 980 RUB.
  • Kazakhstan – 4400 tenge.
  • Belarus – 30 white. rubles.
  • Ukraine – 369 UAH.

Buy Alatau recommended on trusted sites, or through an authorized distributor. Often via the Internet sell fakes Alcotaboo.

Purchasing defective product for the treatment of alcoholism will lead to a wave of negativity and the emergence of negative reviews. Make the purchase carefully, focusing on the opinion of an expert or friends who have tested the drug.


Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Most patients drink to the end of his days, and the end of this often comes prematurely. However, some remedies that are sold over the Internet, give hope to the alcoholic and his family for recovery. One of them is called “AlcoTaboo”.

Complex from alcoholism

Additive “AlcoTaboo” based on a Japanese recipe. As stated on the official website of this tool, the Japanese drink a lot of alcohol, but still this country has not registered a single case of alcoholism. The reason is the consumption of the fruit of the chocolate tree together with alcohol drinks.

Advantages of funds:

  • natural composition;
  • no taste and smell – it can be added to an alcoholic without his knowledge;
  • a high safety profile;
  • no GMO;
  • there is no withdrawal syndrome.

Additional positive health effects:

  • removes toxins;
  • calms the Central nervous system;
  • reduces the toxic effects of alcohol on the body;
  • removes hangover;
  • improves mood;
  • protects liver cells;
  • normalizes blood pressure and night sleep.

Usage instructions


“AlcoTaboo” contains one main and several additional substances. The fruits of the chocolate tree is the main ingredient. He provides beverage basic properties, beating the alcoholic craving for alcohol and completely blocking an intoxicating effect. Other components have different kinds of ancillary effects.

Here is a list of active substances with an indication of the properties provided by the manufacturer supplements:

  • alpha-lipoic acid – neutralize the harm of alcohol and protects the liver;
  • extracts of thyme and St. John’s wort – the strongest antidepressants;
  • licorice root neutralizes the harm of alcohol;
  • kudzu extract – normalizes blood pressure, calms the nervous system, reduces the craving for alcohol;
  • lemongrass extract – stimulates the Central nervous system.

The opinion of the doctor

“AlcoTaboo” will not help to get rid of alcohol addiction, hangover, and the symptoms of intoxication. There are several reasons to think so:

Composition. The primary substance “AlcoTaboo” is candy tree. Its fruits supposedly discourage the alcoholic’s desire to drink. It’s not true. The fruits of the chocolate tree are used as food in many countries. A tree grows not only in Japan but also in China, Korea, Brazil. In each of these States is full of alcoholics.

Why candy tree became part of the “AlcoTaboo”? In folk medicine of several Asian countries, including Japan, this plant was considered a means of reducing hangover symptoms. Manufacturers BAD “slightly” embellished his properties and gave the Russian people as a panacea for alcoholism.

The unreality of the results of treatment. Promised sellers “AlcoTaboo” the results of treatment are unrealistic. The world has no drugs, saving people from alcohol abuse without his knowledge. And there is no reason to believe that Supplement which is sold online only on a single-page site and has no evidence of clinical effectiveness, will make a revolution in the world medicine.

A large amount of incorrect information. Drew the attention of a large number of either false, or erroneous information on the official website “AlcoTaboo”. For example:

  • States that in Japan there was no case of alcoholism;
  • the components of the composition “AlcoTaboo” attributed to non-existent properties;
  • allegedly, licorice, lemongrass, thyme and other plants can completely dissolve in water without taste and odor.

The abundance of incorrect information is always alarming. Suddenly about the main action of the Supplement “AlcoTaboo” producers also made a mistake!


“AlcoTaboo” is 880 rubles. This is the price of one pack containing 7 sachets. They will last a week. The course lasts 4 weeks. That is, you will need to purchase 4 packs “AlcoTaboo”. The total treatment price will be about 3.5 thousand rubles.

Where to buy?

“AlcoTaboo” is sold on the official website: . You need to find here the order form and fill it out. In addition, you can try to close the page. In this case, the order form will open automatically.

Fill in all the fields, you can expect a call from the sales Manager. It will arrive in a few minutes. After verbal confirmation of the order “AlcoTaboo” you will send the mail to the specified address.


Alcoblocker (Alcobaca) – drops against alcoholism: real customer reviews, overview of the drug, instructions for use

Alko blocker (blocker alco) — drops against alcoholism, approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. 95% treated with the help of these drops have been able to overcome the addiction for 28-30 days. Due to the natural composition of the drug not only saves you from craving for alcohol, but also normalizes the body.

Alko blocker developed by Russian scientists. The drug aims to eliminate psychological dependence. In contrast to their advertised counterparts Alco blocker safe for health.

Click to go to the manufacturer’s website


Statistics say that over the past five years, the number of people suffering from alcohol dependence, increased by 10%. Each year from addictions to alcohol in Russia is dying 76000 people. And this figure continues to grow.

85% of domestic violence is the result of alcohol abuse. More than 75% of families have to put up with the fact that the home lives of alcohol addicted people.

According to statistics, by 2016 30% of cases of causing death by negligence is guilty, people suffering from pernicious craving for alcohol.

How does Alko blocker?

Alko blocker helps to cope with alcohol problems of any severity in the short term. The work of the drug takes place in three stages:

  1. Promotes body cleansing: removes toxins and breakdown products of alcohol.
  2. Suppress psychological cravings for alcohol, gradually eliminating the dependency.
  3. Normalizes the heart, liver and nervous system.

Click to go to the manufacturer’s website

The process of getting rid of alcohol addiction is without severe consequences. Arise painful withdrawal, mental disorders or nervous breakdowns. The patient feels like his body is cleared and begins to work better.


Part of Alko blocker contains only natural ingredients, backed by science

  • aloe Vera helps to cope with craving for alcohol products;
  • brahmi causes aversion to alcohol, eliminating the possibility of breakdowns;
  • thyme helps to cleanse the body, restores the liver cells;
  • centaury displays the decay products of alcohol, strengthens the vascular system;
  • motherwort relieves nervous tension, normalizes blood pressure and sleep mode;
  • bluish Altai helps to avoid nervous breakdowns;
  • the ghee makes it easy to endure a period of struggle with alcohol dependence.

The preparation is part of the Indian spice turmeric, the therapeutic properties known for thousands of years. It enhances the action of other components 30 times.

When to start taking Alko blocker?

Start taking alcohol blocker is recommended in the following cases:

  • if the person is unable or unwilling to quit drinking on their own;
  • if intoxicated, he is aggressive, is a threat to society;
  • refuses to seek help in institutions;
  • attachment to alcohol has reached the second stage. People do not go to work or school. Responds aggressively to the care of others. His only goal is to get a drink.

Usage instructions

Alko blocker should be taken with food according to instructions within 30 days. The dosage depends on the age of the person.

The only contraindication to the use of alcohol blocker is the individual intolerance of the drug components. Upon detection of allergic reaction the treatment should be immediately discontinued.

Where to buy Alko blocker?

Alko blocker is not sold in pharmacies. Order the drug on the official website . The price of the drug at a discount of 50% is 990 rubles for 30 ml. One bottle is enough for the entire course of treatment.

The application for obtaining of the drug can be issued at the bottom of the home page. To order you must specify your name and phone number. Within five working days the application will process and call you back to clarify the address and the desired amount of product.

Orders are delivered after 2-3 weeks. Paid for the parcel when receiving the parcel.

If you do not want to become a victim of fraud, order the product only on the official site.

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The opinion of the doctor-psychiatrist

Mironov Valery Nikolaevich, 24 years of experience: Alko blocker (blocker alco) — drops against alcoholism, which has proved its efficiency on the example of my patients. People, who for years could not cope with craving for alcohol, like magic, get rid of addiction in just 30 days.

In my eyes a miracle happened, otherwise will not say: after months of receiving Alko blocker happy the patients come to reception and was told that they have lost the desire to drink. Their health and relationships with family have improved significantly. Life returned to normal.

Currently Alko blocker is the most effective and safe means to deal with alcohol dependence. Of course, each person is different. Not everyone will approach this method of treatment. But my personal experience says that in 95% of cases this medication doesn.


Usage instructions

Hello! My name is Svetlana Kashuba, I am 37 years old, live in Moscow. I want to tell you my sad life story, but with a good ending. Married for 16 years. Have two children.

Unfortunately, not all the years of my family experience was happy because my husband is addicted to alcohol. First, he was drinking with friends on Fridays after work beer, citing the fact that after a hard days work he needed to relax.

Began the scandals, he even dared to raise a hand to me in front of the children, that did not really affected their psyche. Then he fired and he even slipped into the abyss.

Alko blocker (alco blocker)

Alco blocker have helped later, but first began with svekrovi to carry it on all doctors. Withdrawal from binge, drug was released from the hospital, everything seems normal, but then again Bang and drink. I have the feeling that something is stuck in the brain. Took him even to his grandmother, but the conspiracies did not help.

It only remained to expel from the house like a mangy dog, filed for divorce, but swagruha was me tearfully begged that he says he will leave the family generally disappear.

Decided to give it another chance, but said that my patience is not infinite, and just for the sake of respect and for the sake of our children that when they grow up will not thank me for not fighting for their father.

We bought Alco Blocker, dripping it according to the instructions for use. Due to the composition and the opinion of a respected psychiatrist got rid of alcoholism forever.

Many of the dependent and their relatives praised a very good remedy. This medicine Alko Blocker. Of course, I am skeptical of those drugs that can only be ordered online.

But the choice that I was not special. If there is the slightest chance of deliverance from alcoholism, you need to try! Moreover, the price was at all funny!

Began to collect more detailed information about Alcobaca: what is it, are there any side effects, contraindications, how many on the course have how to order Alko blocker, is there a pharmaceutical equivalent, and how many times a day to take, etc.

I was interested in the smallest info and reviews of doctors and people I am completely convinced that Alko Blocker is not another dummy, not bad, but really genuine panacea, which helps to give up alcohol once and for all!

Instructions for use of drops

The drug is available in the form of drops that you can add to food or beverages. At the same time, taste the drops impossible to catch. More detailed refrigerator for use Alko blocker goes in each package, but a bit briefly talk about this, to make it clear how simple it is.

Make Alcobaca should be for a month, 3-4 drops once a day. After 14 days, more than 30% of patients notice that symptoms of alcohol dependence are beginning to disappear and that to quit drinking is not a problem.

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Where to buy alco blocker (the price on the official website)

Buy Alko Blocker in the pharmacy, does not work. It can be ordered only through the Internet on the official website of the manufacturer.

  • Order ALCO blocker on the official website at factory price

Please note that there are negative feedback about fakes. Yeah, don’t be surprised! This could be. Unfortunately, many people make similar upakovochki and shoved at a lower price, profiting from the misery of others. Hands would be so… But never mind that. Look at how much the alco blocker (drops against alcoholism) on the official website.

Important question: how to determine a fake. The original contains a special code, which is easy to check not fake it. When I received my bottle did so, and my first request I was given a certificate of quality.

The opinion of the psychiatrist about the drug (composition)

Sick addiction which has reached the last stage, when alcohol became a constant part of life. While they may not recognize the problem and be aggressive.

So you can use Alko Blocker without the knowledge of the patient.
Those who have tried many other ways to get rid of their addiction, such as drug treatment or coding.

They do not always succeed, but are expensive.

In Alcobaca includes only natural ingredients that guarantees safety and no side effects upon consumption. The main active ingredients are: bacopa monnieri; motherwort, thyme, Altai bluish, aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, centaury, kukuma. The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation recommends the use, side effects have not been identified.

My results and recommendations

Husband gave up alcohol after one course of treatment. PAH-PAH already been seven months, and it is a drop in the mouth is not kept, do not even pull says. Got a job, started giving me gifts, taking the kids to school, to do lessons.

With friends, but those who do not drink smoke. After all, most likely, bad company helped him to embark on the path of alcoholism. Now he’s not sitting with them at the bar and families were friends, seeing each other at dinner parties). Children play, parents socialize, no scandals at home, everyone is happy!



Drops contain useful components that work at the molecular level and block the craving for alcohol. Application instructions contains detailed information about the drug. It says that with the drug one can get rid of alcohol addiction and return to a normal healthy life.

The description of the drug

Alko blocker eliminates the attraction to alcohol on a physical level. No matter how long it took people alcohol, he was able to deliver him from addiction. Alco blocker cleanses the body of toxins, decay products of ethanol and other harmful substances.

The drug prevents a large number of pathological diseases that are caused by poisoning the body with alcohol.

Buy Alcobaca at the pharmacy or online store. It is sold without prescription, but before applying it is recommended to consult with your doctor. He will prescribe the necessary dosage.

Alco blocker is a highly effective medicine that works through the basic principles:

  • it relieves alcohol intoxication;
  • gently cleanses the body of toxins and harmful substances;
  • dulls the desire to take alcoholic drinks.

Alko blocker contains active ingredients which have a positive effect on the Central nervous system, so the craving for alcohol is greatly reduced. Use drops is that they improve metabolism, strengthen the blood vessels and heart muscle.

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The composition of the drug

Against alcoholism drops contain the following active ingredients:

  1. Aloe Vera. This plant copes well with the attachment to alcoholic beverages.
  2. Thyme. A very useful herb which is perfectly cleanses the body from harmful damaging agents.
  3. The centaury. A unique component to the health of the heart and blood vessels.
  4. Motherwort. Calms the nervous system dependent, normalizes sleep.
  5. Bluish Altai. Also be incredibly relaxing and relieves stress.

The rich composition of the drug is directed to the fact that the fight against alcoholism will be conducted in all directions.

All the ingredients are completely natural drops do not contain synthetic ingredients so they are safe and do not cause side effects.

Composition drops Alko blocker developers have picked so that certain ingredients cleanse the body, and others reduced alcohol affected organs and have a calming effect.

The benefits of the drug Alko blocker

Despite the fact that the drug was developed not so long ago, it already enjoys huge popularity among consumers and received good feedback about its effectiveness and safety. With his help, many people are unable to get rid of addiction. The drops are recommended to receive a drug treatment and other professionals.

The main advantages of the drug are as follows:

  • all natural drops allows you to use them absolutely all patients, because they practically do not have any contraindications, do not cause dependence on the means and side effects;
  • after a few days of vacation I have no desire to drink alcohol;
  • with their help it is easy to overcome the psychological craving for alcohol;
  • you can quickly and efficiently bring the patient out of a long binge;
  • drops able to prevent the breakdowns, the psychosis, the result of alcohol dependence;
  • the drug relieves depression;
  • you can take it absolutely at any stage of alcoholism;
  • the drug enhances immunity, improves the digestive tract.

How to take the drug?

Instruction manual States that it is necessary to observe precisely the dosage of the medicine.

How to take the drug correctly? One of the advantages of funds is that the dependent person is not necessarily aware that the family wish to deliver him from harmful habits.

However, his family definitely need to consult with your doctor, so he can calculate the required dosage. Besides the need to tell him about the possible allergic reactions of the patient or individual intolerances, if any.

As for side effects, they are almost there. Sometimes the patient may feel a slight weakness, but mostly people notice that they have increased strength, and mood have improved.

The drug has some contraindications for use.

Not recommended for people who have sensitivity to any ingredient, pregnant women and nursing mothers, adolescents, and those suffering from pronounced heart and kidney failure.

In any case can not accept Alko blocker with alcohol. This can lead to the fact that the human condition will worsen, vomiting, nausea, severe headaches.

On all holidays it is possible to do without it, not to mention daily relaxation using alcohol.

Drops Alko blocker is not a chemical drug, it quickly and effectively helps people who suffer from alcoholism. No wonder he has earned the trust of not only consumers, but also among leading experts.


4skin o2 (O2 foskin) for facial rejuvenation: customer reviews and dermatologists, instructions for use, the benefits of the drug

After 35 years in the body aktiviziruyutsya the aging process, which is manifested not only decreased activity, but also the deterioration of the skin. Especially sharply react to this woman.

And to get rid of wrinkles, they use different methods – anti-aging cosmetics, Botox injections, mesotherapy, face lift, etc. But all these methods are already outdated and easily replaced by modern cosmetics, among which is 4SKIN O2.

Click to go to the manufacturer’s website

It is an innovative product that promotes rapid rejuvenation of the skin and give it a fresh and rested appearance without injections and surgery.

Previously purchase 4SKIN O2 in our country was problematic, as it was practiced abroad. Today this tool has become available to absolutely every woman. But why is it special? And whether really it helps to fight against time? Now you all know.

Causes of skin aging and appearance of wrinkles

Intensification of aging processes in the body occurs due to the fact that with age all the organs and systems of the human “wear out”.

They cease to function at full power, which of course affects the appearance. Especially from the age of the “suffering” of the vascular system.

Click to go to the manufacturer’s website

The walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity, become fragile on their inner surface are formed cholesterol plaques, etc.

But it should be noted that not only the natural processes of aging lead to a shortage of oxygen in the cells. There are other factors which influence a negative impact on the condition of the skin. These include:

  • Smoking;
  • the use of alcoholic beverages;
  • frequent stress;
  • the use of cheap cosmetics;
  • adverse living conditions (poor environment, the inability to regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.);
  • hormonal disorders;
  • diseases of the reproductive organs, entailing a complete violation of their functionality and dramatic reduction in sex hormones in the body;
  • lack of sexual life, etc.

Fo skin O2 is a tool helps to saturate the skin cells with oxygen and other nutrients to restore its natural processes, increases skin elasticity and firmness and keeping the achieved results for a long time.

Disadvantages of modern means of rejuvenation

To say that the methods used last time to rejuvenate your skin, ineffective, impossible. However, to say that they are safe, too.

Injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid do contribute to the elimination of mimic and age wrinkles, and the drugs are well tolerated by the human body. Their danger lies in the introduction.

If you got an inexperienced beautician or will be violated sanitary norms of the procedure, this can result in unfortunate consequences (paralysis, sepsis, etc.).

Reviews about 4SKIN O2 are found only positive character. Not only ordinary women, but also beauticians. It provides the skin with all essential nutrients that instantly penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, acting on it from the inside. And as practice shows, the first results are visible already after one week of using this tool.


In the composition 4SKIN O2 are the following components:

Oxygen emulsion.Saturates cells with oxygen and activates them in the regeneration process.The aloe juice.Eliminates inflammation, improves the synthesis of elastin and collagen, reduces puffiness and gives the face a fresh look.The hood of the cochlea.

Has a nourishing and moisturizing effect that fights the effects of acne and removes the scars, provides cleansing from dead particles of the upper layer of the epidermis, rejuvenates.Wild raspberries deer antlers.

Is natural sources of hyaluronic acid, which promotes deeper moisturizing and nourishing of the skin, restoring it metabolism and to smooth facial wrinkles.Pineapple.Nourishes the cells with vitamins and minerals, normalizes the sebaceous glands, has antibacterial effect.

It’s not all components that contain oxygen cocktail O2 4SKIN. Detail about them and their action is described on the product packaging and on the official website of the manufacturer.


This tool is really effective, and many reviews about FD skin O2 proof. Its active ingredients contribute to:

  • saturation of skin cells with oxygen;
  • restoration of metabolism at the cellular level;
  • removing the inflammatory processes;
  • improvement of mikrotserkulyatsii blood;
  • the activation of collagen and elastin.
  • the improvement in the turgor of the skin;
  • smoothing expression lines and deep age-related wrinkles;
  • giving the skin a healthy and radiant look.

Clinical studies

4SKIN O2 for lifting repeatedly passed clinical trials and proved its effectiveness. 9 out of 10 women using this tool, noted a significant decrease in wrinkle depth, and 8 out of 10 got rid of the effects of acne and have noticed improved elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Competitive advantages

The advantages of this cosmetic product a lot. First, it has a natural composition. Second, it has no contraindications and side effects. Third, it triggers the natural processes at the cellular level, rejuvenating the skin and maintaining the results achieved in the long term. And fourth, the price of 4SKIN O2, unlike other treatments, is much lower.

Method of application

The product should be sprayed onto a thoroughly cleansed face, neck and neck 1 time a day. After 10 minutes after application, residues of oxygen cocktail should be rubbed into the skin with light massage until it is completely absorbed. This procedure is recommended to carry out courses of 7 days. For maximum results, should undergo 4 courses at intervals of not more than 3 days.

Where to buy Fo Skin O2

To buy this beauty product online. But in order not to run into a fake, buy it is on the official website of the manufacturer.

Expert opinion

4SKIN O2 – innovative cosmetic product that provides deep care, anti-aging effect and it is an excellent alternative to injections and plastic surgery. It includes only natural ingredients that enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin, to smooth wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and giving it a fresh and rested appearance.


Oxygen cocktail from wrinkles and aging

The facial skin is the most susceptible to age-related changes and because of the negative influence of various factors fade much sooner than the skin on other parts of the body. Many women look older than it actually is because they do not use effective means to care.

Now appeared in the sale of innovative oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin from wrinkle and aging, which becomes a powerful ally to women after 30 years in the fight against the negative changes of the skin.

This absolutely unique tool, which includes the “signal peptides” that have the ability to activate “young cells” and the substance that fills the recesses of the wrinkles, thereby pushing them from the inside.

Thus after application of the cocktail with the faces vanish all symptoms of age and younger it:

  • nasolabial folds are smoothed;
  • eliminates “crow’s feet” around the eyes;
  • the face lifts;
  • lost deep crease between the eyebrows;
  • fade bags under the eyes;
  • the skin becomes supple and elastic;
  • improving the water balance.

4Skin O2 launches the natural process of collagen and restore the intercellular tissue, promotes muscle relaxation, the reduction of which leads to wrinkles and neutralize the effects of free radicals that accelerate aging. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation in the epidermis, which enables you to get oxygen and nutrients to all layers.

The benefits of oxygen cocktail

Thousands of women have chosen for themselves 4Skin O2 primary means for care of face, as it has a number of advantages:

  1. has 100% effect;
  2. allows to rejuvenate the skin without the use of injections and operations.
  3. does not cause allergies;
  4. 80% made from natural ingredients;
  5. thoroughly tested and certified by international organizations.

The unique composition of oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin from wrinkles and aging

To create a revolutionary formula cocktail scientists took 3 years. 4 years she fine-tuned through rigorous testing tools. As a result, modern women have effective anti-aging agent based on natural components that help them to always look perfectly without wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Part 4Skin O2 includes such active substances:

  • the hood of the cochlea;
  • the fruits of Ruscus;
  • hood embliki;
  • fruit acerolla;
  • the extract from the leaves of amaranth.

Method of use

A two-month course of application of the cocktail would work wonders. The experience of women in just 19 days disappear wrinkles between the eyebrows, after 21 days crow’s feet, for 2 weeks the bags under my eyes, 3 weeks aligned the nasolabial folds, next month becomes fit oval face. How to use the tool specified in the manual, which is in each package.

Certificates of quality products

The product has been tested in laboratory and clinical conditions. Its efficacy and safety is recognized by experts that issued the certificates of high quality.

Where to buy oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin from wrinkles and aging

Ordering can be done directly on the website of the products from the comfort of home. Enter your phone number where you will call the Manager for further details. Payment is due upon delivery.

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Tool overview

Women have the opportunity to carry out a procedure to rejuvenate skin at home. The result of the application of oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin compare hardware lifting. Helps 4 weeks to return youthful radiance to the dermis and to get rid of facial wrinkles.

After the full course the effect lasts for 3 months. It is important that the use of the complex is completely safe, all the components are dermatologically tested. Quality and effectiveness are confirmed by numerous studies of experts and reviews about the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin.

Natural product will suit women of any age.Rich in active compounds complex infuses skin with oxygen, accelerates the regenerative processes and restores the balance of moisture and nutrients. The drug acts on the principle of a filler, filling the epidermal voids and pushing the wrinkles out.

The manufacturer recommends before going to the beautician to buy a vehicle from wrinkles 4Skin O2 and on their own experience to verify the effectiveness anti-aging complex.

What are the properties of

Unique oxygen complex – a combination of natural ingredients with the active substances. With regular use, you get the result comparable to salon anti-aging treatments.

The warranty of the manufacturer and according to the enclosed instructions, 4Skin O2 for lifting face skin:

  • Improves cellular respiration of the dermis;
  • Nourishes and restores the structure of collagen fibers;
  • Deeply moisturizes and prevents dehydration;
  • Eliminates sagging skin and tightens the face oval;
  • Provides comprehensive care for all layers of the epidermis.

Without surgery and injections of Botox, you will return the skin a natural radiance and health. Natural ingredients remove toxins and wastes, accelerate lymph flow and neutralize free radicals.

Many people want to buy, but don’t know which pharmacy to buy 4Skin O2. Unfortunately, complex is not found in free sale. Sterile ampoules are available only from the manufacturer. Ordering is easy to arrange on the official website. Thus, you will protect yourself from fraud and counterfeit products.

When necessary?

Active oxygen cocktail is recommended for all women to eliminate the defects associated with age-related changes. The serum will solve problems such as dull complexion and breaking of the circuit.The drug is used for swelling of the eyelids and to eliminate “crow’s feet”.

Botanical complex works effectively against wrinkles, dryness and tightness.

The cocktail will eliminate black spots, spider veins and narrows pores.

The cost 4Skin O2 commensurate with the price of a single injection of beauty. When purchasing a product on the full course, you save up to 15 thousand budget.

The principle of operation 4Skin O2

The formula of the Swiss juvaderm combines active oxygen, aloe Vera juice, plant extracts and extracts of deer antlers. When interacting with each other increases the effectiveness of each substance.

Plant compounds penetrate all layers of the skin, filling the cells with oxygen and moisture. Due to the increased cellular respiration, improved gas exchange, circulation and the process of division. Damaged tissue quickly regenerated, the cells receive sufficient nutrition and vitaminization.

Real reviews about 4Skin O2 for the facial rejuvenation they say that the first results are visible after a few applications. The complexion is improved, skin feels soft and taut. Leave dark circles under the eyes, eyes become open and clear.

What is the basis of the funds

Part 4Skin O2 from facial wrinkles includes:

  1. Wild Raspberries Deer Antlers. Source of hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes, nourishes and improves elasticity;
  2. Pineapple. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Normalizes sebum production, clears and tightens enlarged pores;
  3. Mulberry. Vitaminiziruet tissue, nourishes and protects against moisture loss. Removes harmful compounds, normalizes the production of melanin. Eliminates darkening of the eyelids and age spots;
  4. Aloe Vera. The juice of the plant is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Natural antibacterial agent. Treats acne and acne resolves scars and old spots from acne;
  5. Oxygen emulsion. Improves blood circulation, accelerates cell regeneration. Effectively combats circles and puffiness under the eyes;
  6. Snail slime. Used in cosmetics for face rejuvenation. Contains vitamins A, C and E. Provides nutrition and hydration of the dermis.

Reviews of doctors about 4Skin O2 from dry skin talking about high efficiency complex in the fight against aging. According to the results of clinical approbation of nearly 1,300 participants satisfied with the effect.

The results of clinical trials

Woman for 4 weeks, used the serum, and then evaluated the result. Participants noted that wrinkles are significantly reduced, no tightness and dryness.The complexion was noticeably lighter already 5 to 7 day use.

More than 50 % of the subjects talking about eliminating circles and bags under the eyes.

All women saw an improvement in firmness and elasticity.

After the tests, all the participants recommended to buy 4Скин O2 from black spots and wrinkles to their friends.

Key benefits

Cocktail with snail slime – a real breakthrough in cosmetology. No longer need to inject costly injections and put massive amounts of money the beautician. Anti-aging treatments you make yourself, at home.

An important distinction serum from analogue – natural composition. No allergies and side effects, only work on the result!

Particularly effective 4Скин O2 from the bags under the eyes – reviews women confirm this fact. Only 4 weeks of use and 3 months of you enjoying radiant skin.

Proven effectiveness

At minimal cost, at home your face is changing every day.

Active ingredients:

  • Have a cumulative effect;
  • Are similar hardware lifting;
  • Exclusively of natural origin;
  • Suitable for any type of skin;
  • Hypoallergenic and safe.

Ampoules with a cocktail styryl. The product does not contain chemical ingredients and GMO.

Price of oxygen cocktail for face 4Скин O2 available to everyone.

How to apply

According to the annotation of the face is cleaned. Next:

  1. Shake the ampoule to open it and spray on the face, neck and décolleté;
  2. To leave for influence for 10 minutes;
  3. The remains of the complex to RUB.

Do not store an open vial. The product should be used within 1 hour after opening.

To order oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin for the elasticity of the skin at factory price in the official store. Delivered by mail, cod.

Where to buy?

The price of 4Skin O2 should be clarified on the website of the manufacturer.

Buy 4Skin O2 in the official store.

Please note that payment takes place only after the issuance funds at the post office or delivery by courier.


The first wrinkle is always stressful. Look at yourself in the mirror and think: where is that girl that always 16? And begin frantically searching for a remedy that somehow will help to remove all this “beauty” that she your life is not spoiled.

This plan helped me a lot 4Skin O2. Don’t know whether you can win with it, age wrinkles, but facial halved in just 2 weeks! Pass the whole course and after some time, again, to fix the result.

Really really do not want to look older than their years. Girls will understand me!

Youth, stop! Of course, she can’t hear you, especially if you do not help the skin to stay beautiful. Oxygen cocktail bought, yet like everything. The consistency of the liquid, colorless, slightly oily.

When applied to the skin, remains lipoate feeling, but it passes after 5-10 minutes. It is therefore recommend to use it in the evening, not morning, or just mix with plain cream under makeup. Here it is as you prefer.

Of course, the result see immediately, as I did, but a week later I can confidently say that the skin is more hydrated and elastic, and the complexion fresh. My recommendations!

The time of the experiments. Bought 4Skin O2 as an experiment.

Of course, I had to think about skin care, not to wait for years, will take his own))) But this result I like, especially because in a month plan to repeat the course and remove facial wrinkles. One drawback: sample open is not very convenient, but on the third adjust without fail!

Natural cocktail natural beauty! Bought oxygen cocktails, take a few days, I can’t say that it completely removes the wrinkles of age and 10 years of age. But my face like: leather combination, this means that around the mouth it is dry and sensitive, but on other sites fatty.

Oxygen cocktail if recognized my problem and began to moisturize the skin where you need it. I also like that the consumption is small: I personally ampoule is divided into two times, store it in the fridge. The natural composition: aloe juice and snail slime always work well, tested on serums and creams.

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In General, do not expect great miracles, but how uhodom tool that leaves skin fresh, use is.



Not a panacea, but a way out. I hate to knit his brow, but often violate this prohibition. The result is obvious: wrinkles, which you can only hide under the bangs. Pinned on oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin high hopes, because the injection is generally not my thing, at least three thousand times of them well say.

I was just asking about the hardware, the oxygen lifting, eyes on a forehead got, and 4Skin O2 as the manufacturer promises, no worse than the procedure, and cheaper!!!


To buy in online store

4Skin O2 — rejuvenating cocktail of Swiss production to restore skin’s elasticity in 28 days.A multicomplex is universal — applicable to any type of the dermis, deeply moisturizes and nourishes. Formula fights age-related changes, manifested on the face, neck and décolleté. The effect persists for at least 3 months.

Buy O2 4Skin rejuvenation of the skin, beauticians recommend that women who wish to preserve the beauty of his youth without much money and time. Biocomplex hypoallergenic, certified, available in RF by the manufacturer. The use of the product will avoid injection therapy, surgical correction of facial contour.

The basic properties of bioactive

4Skin O2 — concentrated mix of natural components. The product provides a complex effect on the cell microstructure:

  1. the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms;
  2. protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  3. vitaminization;
  4. whitening;
  5. hydration.

Most reviews on the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin ensure its effectiveness. According to beauticians, the multicomplex is a cost — effective alternative to hardware rejuvenation.

Indications anti-aging concentrate

The process of aging starts after 25 years. Start time depends on the person’s lifestyle. The epidermis is one of the first authorities that irreversible changes began. To buy a vehicle 4Skin O2 from wrinkles on the face can be even before they appear. Smoothing of mimic and age wrinkles, tightening facial contour are the main but not the only purpose of the formula.

Natural concentrate is recommended to get rid of acne, rosacea, bruises under the eyes. It would help if the color of the epidermis is not as healthy as in my youth. Eliminates the medium and the feeling of dryness, tightness. Judging by the real reviews about 4Skin O2 to rejuvenate the skin, after application your appearance will not be tired and unkempt.

The effect of oxygen bioactive

Cell filling with moisture and nutrients can work wonders. Tool, rich with oxygen, vitamins, collagen, essential acids, minerals — the perfect food for any type of epidermis. Composition 4Skin O2 from facial wrinkles and reduction of elasticity is just such a product.

Its components deeply penetrate into the tissues, filling them with moisture and oxygen. The cell frame is smoothed, which explains the disappearance of wrinkles. Moisturizing prevents the feeling of tightness. Numerous reviews confirm — 4Скин O2 helps to get rid of bags under the eyes, age spots and even freckles because it has a slight bleaching property.

With regular use of within the featured course tool restores the skin’s elasticity, radiance, natural color and softness. It provides an effective lifting effect in the next few weeks. It is worth noting that the price of oxygen cocktail O2 4Скин for face much lower injection therapy, device-based cosmetology.

The active components of the composition

The unique formula due to its ingredients, which together create a rich nutritious drink. The main components of the multicomplex:

  • the antlers (oily and combination). Natural source of hyaluronic acid and collagen saturate their cells will start the process of regeneration;
  • aloe Vera (juice). Component known for its antibacterial properties. It removes inflammation, pimples, moisturizes the skin, bringing it from the inside;
  • pineapple. Different antibacterial properties, the ability to control sebum. Makes the flavor concentrate refreshing;
  • oxygen emulsion. Restores the intracellular metabolism, accelerates regeneration processes. Oxygen saturation of epidermis is the key to its youth and radiance;
  • mulberry. Moisturizes, nourishes, provides protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. Thanks to her, lightens freckles and pigmentation defects, eliminate circles of the eyelids;
  • the hood of the cochlea. Creates the effect of peeling, in parallel filling the cellular structure with moisture and nutrients. Component helps to eliminate most skin problems, a quick rejuvenation.

The price of oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin for the elasticity of the skin justifies this unique composition, which includes healthy, natural and effective components.

Clinical evidence for the effectiveness of funds

28-day applying oxygen serum provides:

  • restore the healthy color of the skin and elimination of bags in the eyelids have 515 people;
  • levelling of facial wrinkles in 215 women;
  • eliminate feelings of tautness and dryness of the epidermis from 207 girls;
  • significant smoothing age-related wrinkles from 172 respondents;
  • restoration of elasticity of the dermis from 134 users.

Reviews of doctors about 4Skin O2 from dry skin and wrinkles confirm the accuracy announced by the manufacturer data.

The benefits of the unique formula

A rejuvenating composition designed for self-use, which greatly simplifies the procedure of lifting care. The effect obtained from its course, persists until 3 months.Natural ingredients make the hypoallergenic. It does not cause habituation, is universal for any skin type.

Contains no toxins, chemicals, synthetic additives ensures minimum risk of irritation and side effects. The manufacturer focuses attention all buyers — vials completely sterile. The cost 4Skin O2 from wrinkles is also its advantage.

The results of course use composition

Full course home rejuvenation with the oxygen complex is 7 days. After the skin is significantly refreshed, looks much younger.

Depending on the condition of the epidermis, the manufacturer recommends a maximum of 4 courses in a row to reach the ultimate lifting effect.

Storage conditions and method of application 4Skin O2

In the closed state, the tool retains its effectiveness for 2 years. The activity of the components of the opened vial for 60 minutes is reduced by half, so use the serum you need quickly. Simple manual 4Skin O2 for lifting face skin:

  1. thoroughly cleanse face, neck and chest;
  2. to open the ampoule and put her in an enclosed spray gun;
  3. a nourishing concentrate for dry epidermis;
  4. after a few minutes to RUB the cocktail has not been absorbed by the skin.

Please note — 4Skin O2 to buy in the drugstore can not. Rejuvenating multicomplex must be booked on the official Russian version of the website of the manufacturer.

Only registered customers who purchased this product may leave feedback.


Unique tool

The beauty of a woman largely depends on the condition of the skin. Unfortunately, the age and poor ecological situation is not the best way affect our appearance. Wrinkles, dryness and changing of facial contours – all this only adds to the age. Often the usual cosmetic products are not able to provide proper care. This makes women to find a decent alternative

A unique tool for high-quality skin care is the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin. This means for outdoor applications, which combines natural ingredients only. With regular use cocktail nourishes the skin with essential substances. Gradually this leads to a smoothing of wrinkles and intensive hydration.

Attention! Due to the fact that 4Skin O2 very popular at the moment and so the Internet, a lot of fakes.

4Skin-o2.rucurrently there is a 50% discount

Buy 4Skin O2 with 50% discount*on the official website

Composition 4Skin O2

This tool is unique in form and composition. Beneficial effects of novelty on the following system components:

  • wild raspberries deer antlers – is a source of hyaluronic acid and nourishes the skin with nutrients such as phosphorus, iodine, manganese, potassium, zinc, sodium;
  • pineapple – normalizes sebum production, while providing antibacterial action;
  • mulberry – nourishes the skin, saturating it with a lot of vitamins and minerals, also helps to combat pigment spots and dark circles;
  • aloe Vera juice – helps to rejuvenate the skin, moisturizes and adds elasticity to the skin;
  • the snail extract – actively moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and eliminates a number of skin problems;
  • oxygen emulsion – improves complexion, gets rid of bags and bruises, slowing down the aging process.

The composition of this cocktail is safe. Additionally, this combination is ideal for all skin types.

Where to buy Oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin

As a rule, unique and really effective products for skin care are not presented in the usual stores. This new model is also no exception.

Buy 4Skin O2-wrinkle cream only from the official manufacturer. For the convenience of the customers order the tool on the website is possible at a convenient time. After this will just have to wait for delivery of a cocktail at the specified address.

Official website 4Skin O2 for facial wrinkles

This tool for skin care is unique. It has a different action from the usual creams and serums. To learn more about the cocktail effect only on the official website of the manufacturer.

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Especially for potential buyers there are model. Also on the website you can read reviews not only real women and professional beauticians.

With this information, it is much easier to make a choice.

Buy 4Skin O2 with 50% discount*on the official website

Buy Oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin at the pharmacy or cosmetics store will not work. This new product for skin care available on the official website of the manufacturer. Conveniently, this can be done at any time.

Buyers definitely need to fill in the order form on the official website. Direct registration takes place during a telephone conversation with the operator. If desired, the client may interrupt the process.

Delivery of the cocktail takes place in a post office and pay after the fact.

4Skin O2: divorce or the truth?

Restore skin beauty and youthfulness is not easy, and women know it. Numerous means are available for the price, have only a temporary and implicit results. More effective cosmetic procedures are not for everyone, not only because of the high prices, but because of contraindications.

Some women decided to try this new immediately after the appearance of one. Not everyone was pleased with the result. There were those who did not notice positive changes. Women enjoyed a cocktail every day, but not noticed even necessary for skin moisture. This new product is suitable for all types, so the reason for the lack of result is the acquisition of a knockoff.

How to distinguish a fake 4Skin O2

Rejuvenating effect you’ll be only fine. Among the large number of fakes are not just to make the right choice. Often women make the order where it is cheaper, but this benefit is questionable. Only fakes can be sold at a reduced price.

Quality cocktail can be purchased from the official manufacturer. On the website 4Skin O2 sold at a price of 294 rubles. There the order is made without payment. Conveniently, the cocktail is delivered in time to the post office.

4Skin O2 usage instructions

This tool helps only in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. On the packaging you find the following algorithm:

  1. thoroughly clean the skin of impurities by any usual means;
  2. to open an ampule and, using a special spray to put a cocktail on the face, neck and chest area;
  3. leave this remedy on the skin for 10 minutes, then RUB the remains into the skin.

The standard rate of this tool is 7 days. For receiving and stabilizing result, it is recommended to take 4 courses. This tool is suitable for women at any age and with different skin types.

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The multicomplex for women

After the 35-year milestone in every human organism begins to age. On the face appear first noticeable wrinkles, bags under the eyelids, pigmentation. All this spoils the appearance.

4Skin O2 – the newest development of scientists from Switzerland created for the renewal of the cells, and suspending the process of decay. This tool has already earned the recognition of the inhabitants of Europe and America.

Buy O2 4Skin rejuvenation of the facial skin today, many experts suggest, because the multicomplex contains natural ingredients, which provide maximum hydration, nutrition and oxygenation of cells. This reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, giving the epidermis a radiant and luxurious look in just 4 weeks of constant use.

The healing properties 4Skin O2

Reviews about the oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin mostly positive.

And all because the drug saturates the cells with the necessary nutrients that instantly penetrate the deeper layers of the epithelium, exerting influence from the inside.

Practice confirms that the early results of use are visible already after 7 days after application. And this is achieved thanks to the beneficial properties of money, namely by:

  • saturation of the epidermis with oxygen;
  • regeneration of the metabolism at the cellular level;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • start the production of collagen fibers and elastin;
  • improving skin turgor;
  • smoothing of wrinkles;
  • give a shining look.

If you buy 4Скин O2 from the black dots on the official website, and begin his course application, then after one month you will be able to appreciate the beauty and luxury of leather without a single hint of wrinkles and other age-related defects. This effect is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

When you want to use?

Judging by the numerous reviews, 4Скин O2 from the bags under the eyes you should use to all those who have a “crow’s feet” around the eyes, wrinkles and other skin defects. In addition, the tool will be useful in identifying the dullness and tightness of the surface epithelium, the formation of bags under the lower eyelids, acne and rosacea, as well as changing the shape of the face.

To buy a vehicle 4Skin O2 from wrinkles on the face you can directly through the website of the manufacturer at a low price.

How does O2 4Skin

The novelty is famous for its performance and efficiency. The principle of its operation is quite simple. Many doctors recommend their clients to buy oxygen cocktail O2 4Skin for the elasticity of the skin at the price of the manufacturer, because it provides anti-aging effects.

When applying it to the surface of the dermis of the active substance are instantly transmitted to all its layers. They start to work literally within 2-3 minutes, providing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating effect. After a week of daily use, the manufacturer promises a first clear results.

What components are included

The unique multicomplex fills every cell with oxygen and other necessary substances. It gives you the opportunity to recover in the deeper layers of the epithelium natural processes. Part 4Skin O2 of facial wrinkles include:

  1. Aloe Vera juice rejuvenates the skin, has disinfectant properties, soothes inflammation, fights age-related flaws, moisturizes and improves elasticity.
  2. The emulsion of oxygen activates skin metabolism, improves tone, eliminate dark circles under the eyelids, slows the aging.
  3. The snail mucus extract contains a complex of vitamins, heals acne and scars, provides intense nutrition and moisturizing, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, is an anti-aging component.
  4. The antlers nehvatka hyaluronic acid, a beneficial effect on cell renewal.
  5. Pineapple is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, has antibacterial properties.
  6. Mulberry helps to eliminate bags near the eyelids and age spots.

Affordable price 4Скин oxygen cocktail O2 for the skin and its qualitative composition with the cumulative effect makes the product beneficial for many women. Those who are able to evaluate the effects of the products, it is recommended to use.

Clinical studies

According to the doctors, 4Skin O2 from dry skin completed the necessary studies, which involved more than 1200 members of the fairer sex. They applied a cocktail for four seven-day courses according to the proposed instructions.

At the end of the course use, a survey was conducted that showed incredible results. 215 women confirmed that getting rid of facial wrinkles. 172 ladies said that age-related changes become almost invisible. 515 participants noted the improvement in color. 207 patients were assured that we were able to get rid of tightness.


Plastic surgery is a serious cosmetic intervention, Botox injections – pleasure not from cheap, and also very dangerous to health. Compared to them sold 4Skin O2 from dry skin cost of manufacturer, and completely harmless to the body. In addition, the cocktail has five important advantages:

  • prolonged effect for 3 months after a course;
  • natural composition, do not cause side effects and addictive;
  • the absence of contraindications;
  • safety and hypoallergenicity;
  • is an analogue of the oxygen facelift.


If you believe the majority of real reviews, O2 4Skin rejuvenation of the facial skin has a high efficacy, which is in plant composition.

Clinical trials proved that the drug after a week of use it has a powerful rejuvenating effect. After which the skin becomes radiant and fresh.

Method of application

Use the product in three steps. Manual 4Skin O2 for lifting skin contains the following information:

  1. Clean the epidermis from dirt in the usual way.
  2. Open the vial and spray the product on problem areas using a special nozzle.
  3. Wait 10 minutes and then massage the residual product into the skin.

The minimum treatment is 7 days. However, the manufacturer recommends that you use the product continuously for 28 days.

Important! Use of the ampoule immediately after opening, since the tool loses its effectiveness after one hour. The shelf life of product is 24 months.

Where to buy?

Today 4Skin O2 to buy in the drugstore will not work. It is sold only online through official resource of the company-manufacturer. The acquisition of funds, therefore, will allow you to protect yourself from buying low quality fakes.



I “7 aiuti”:
Rock Water (acqua di roccia), per chi si autoreprime per essere d’esempio;
Wild Oat (Forasacco o Avena selvatica), per chi è scontento o insicuro sul ruolo da svolgere nella vita;
Heather (Brugo o Erica), per chi odia la solitudine e attacca bottone usando gli altri;
Gorse (Ginestrone), per chi prova grande disperazione e si sente senza speranza;
Olive (Olivo), per chi è completamente esausto a causa dello stress o della fatica mentale;
Oak (Quercia), per chi non riesce a staccare dal lavoro;
Vine (Vite), per chi prova desiderio e ambizione di dominare inflessibilmente gli altri.

I “19 assistenti”:
Holly (Agrifoglio), per chi ha sfiducia nel prossimo, prova invidia e odio;
Honeysuckle (Caprifoglio), per chi si rifugia nella nostalgia del passato, ricordando solo le cose belle;
Hornbeam (Carpino bianco), per chi si sente stanco, debole, e dubita delle sue capacità di fronte ad un problema;

White Chestnut (Ippocastano bianco), per chi ha pensieri e preoccupazioni costanti e indesiderati;
Sweet Chestnut (Castagno dolce), per chi prova un’angoscia estrema, una disperazione con coraggio, però, che non tende al suicidio;
Red Chestnut (Ippocastano rosso), per chi prova apprensione per gli altri e si aspetta sempre il peggio;
Beech (Faggio), per chi è intollerante, polemico e arrogante;
Chestnut Bud (Gemma di Ippocastano bianco), per chi ripete sempre gli stessi errori e non vuole crescere;
Larch (Larice), per chi ha paura di fallire ed è affetto da complessi di inferiorità;
Crab Apple (Melo selvatico), per chi si sente sporco, nel corpo o nella mente;
Cherry Plum (Prugno), per chi ha paura di perdere la ragione;
Walnut (Noce), per chi deve affrontare grandi cambiamenti (es. pubertà, menopausa, vecchiaia);
Elm (Olmo inglese), per chi si sente momentaneamente sommerso di responsabilità;
Pine (Pino silvestre), per chi tende a caricare su di sé anche le colpe altrui;
Aspen (Pioppo), per chi ha paura di cose vaghe, indistinte, e senza motivo;
Wild Rose (Rosa canina), per chi si abbandona alla rassegnazione e all’apatia;
Willow (Salice giallo), per chi prova amarezza e risentimento;
Mustard (Senape selvatica), per chi è ammalato di depressione, anche passeggera, ma grave e spesso per motivi sconosciuti;

Fonte: Wikipedia – vedi link


Corpo e Salute – Tutto e di più sulla cura del corpo

Di conseguenza il miglioramento delle condizioni di sicurezza e tutela della salute sul luogo di lavoro devono essere ottenute mediante una opportuna azione di “prevenzione” e “controllo sanitario”.

L’azione di “prevenzione” deve essere svolta:
• Prevenzione tecnologica tradizionale (riguarda gli impianti, le macchine, le attrezzature)
• Prevenzione organizzativa (predisposizione dei servizi di protezione e prevenzione, designazione o elezione del rappresentante dei lavoratori per la sicurezza ecc..)
• Prevenzione soggettiva (attuazione attività di informazione e formazione alla sicurezza)

Il “controllo sanitario” deve essere effettuato dal medico competente (nominato dal datore di lavoro) e comporta:
• Accertamenti preventivi – valutare l’idoneità dei lavoratori allo svolgimento delle mansioni specifiche -.
• Accertamenti periodici – controlli nel tempo dello stato di salute dei lavoratori -.
• Redazione registri di esposizione agli agenti chimici, fisici e biologici.

Gli ambienti con videoterminali presentano dei problemi illuminotecnici specifici.
I valori di illuminamento e luminanza consigliati sono differenti a secondo del lavoro svolto utilizzando il videoterminale e risultano più o meno critici a seconda del tipo di video, a contrasto negativo (fondo scuro e segni chiari), o contrasto positivo cioè con fondo chiaro e segni scuri.
Quando il compito visivo è legato al solo schermo video, i valori di illuminamento deve essere di circa 250 lux.
Quando il compito visivo richieda l’uso di documenti cartacei il livello di illuminamento generale deve essere di 300-400 lux, e un livello di illuminamento locale che deve arrivare fino a 600 lux.
In maniera del tutto generale si può affermare che:
• Il video deve essere orientato in maniera che l’operatore non sia rivolto verso superfici o sorgenti particolarmente luminose (finestre, lampade).
• Le finestre, quando sia possibile l’ingresso dei raggi solari, dovranno essere dotate di tende.
• Le riflessioni sullo schermo e sui documenti dovranno essere ridotte agendo sul sistema di illuminazione o modificando l’orientamento degli oggetti o adottando un idoneo trattamento della superficie dello schermo.

In un monitor CRT le tre più importanti cose da controllare e impostare sono: la risoluzione, la profondità di colore e la frequenza d’aggiornamento.
La risoluzione, per i monitor CRT da 17 pollici, dovrebbe essere di 1024×768 pixel; mentre per uno da 15 pollici la risoluzione di 800×600 pixel. Molto importante è anche la profondità di colore; questa corrisponde al numero di colori che windows usa per costruire le immagini. Le più recenti schede grafiche possono produrre fino a 4,3 miliardi di colori. Inoltre il colore ha una profondità massima di 32 bit (descrive il colore d’ogni singolo pixel). Da ultimo e non meno importante è importante controllare “la frequenza di aggiornamento”. Questa grandezza si riferisce al numero di volte in cui l’immagine viene ridisegnata sullo schermo ogni secondo. Mediamente, perché l’occhio umano veda un’immagine priva di sfarfallio, questa viene ridisegnata mediamente 85 volte al secondo, corrispondente ad una frequenza di aggiornamento di 85 Hz. Una minor frequenza provoca mal di testa ed affaticamento visivo. Oltre gli 85 Hz, molti vecchi monitor CRT possono danneggiarsi.

I monitor a schermo piatto non aggiornano l’intera immagine molte volte al secondo, ma solo i pixel modificati. Per questo motivo non c’è bisogno di impostare la frequenza d’aggiornamento a 85 Hz. Una frequenza elevata rende l’immagine sfuocata e scura. In genere vanno bene frequenze di 60 Hz; comunque è meglio controllare il manuale del video per impostare la frequenza migliore. Sui monitor a schermo piatto, inoltre, di solito è presente un sistema di configurazione automatica che risolve ogni problema e regola la nitidezza, il colore e l’allineamento dei pixel. E’ opportuno controllarne sul menu OSD l’esistenza, e di tanto in tanto usarla, perché con il passare del tempo le impostazioni possono cambiare.
Un parametro da non trascurare è l’angolo visuale; è un fattore molto importante, visto che un angolo di visuale limitato può cambiare il modo di percepire i colori.
Altro parametro importante è il tempo di risposta. Si tratta del tempo che impiega un pixel per cambiare colore, da bianco a nero e per tornare bianco. Una lenta risposta può causare sfocatura e confusione nelle immagini in movimento. Un buon tempo di risposta è 16 ms.

L’articolo 51 della legge 626 considera “Videoterminalista” chi usa il VDT per 4 ore consecutive giornaliere, in modo sistematico e abituale, per tutta la settimana lavorativa. Sembra una definizione alquanto generica; infatti non si considerano alcuni parametri fondamentali quali il tempo totale, il tempo reale, fattori ambientali o organizzativi. Per questo una commissione ad hoc ha fissato come parametro le 20 ore settimanali di media di lavoro VDT. Pertanto tutti i lavoratori VDT che usano il Pc per 20 ore settiminali dovrebbero essere sottoposti a visita Oculistica/ortottica. Non solo, ma a discrezione del medico competente, tutti i lavoratori che usano il VDT con minore frequenza (< 20 ore settimanali), ma con un carico visivo particolare ed impegnativo.

Il giudizio di idoneità, come afferma la legge 626, è di pertinenza del medico competente (Medico del Lavoro). Il medico del lavoro si avvale della consulenza di un oculista; il quale dopo aver esaminato “l’apparato visivo” esprime un “giudizio di prevedibile affaticamento visivo”. Questo non comporta una limitazione decisionale da parte dello specialista sull’idoneità all’uso del VDT; la visita oculistica può essere considerata, uno screening avanzato e quindi un buon mezzo per la diagnosi precoce in campo oftalmologico, com’era nell’intenzione del legislatore. A proposito di prevenzione, se lo specialista nutre qualche dubbio diagnostico ( pressione intraoculare al limite superiore della norma, aspetto della papilla del nervo ottico sospetta per patologie quale il glaucoma, fori retinici periferici ecc.), può richiedere qualche esame supplementare. Tali esami sono a carico del datore di lavoro nel caso in cui concorrono al “giudizio globale di affaticamento visivo”. In caso contrario gli eventuali approfondimenti diagnostici sono a carico del S.S.N.
Tutti coloro che sono portatori di correzione ottica inadeguata, devono essere inviati allo specialista curante per una visita oculistica completa.

E’ l’articolo 55 che regolamenta la periodicità dei controlli sanitari.
In linea generale è prevista una visita oculistica iniziale pre assuntiva e i controlli successivi che si svolgeranno ogni 5 anni nei soggetti giovani, e ogni 2 anni oltre i 45 anni.
In base ai rilievi clinici o refrattivi evidenziati durante la visita, o per il carico di lavoro eccessivo, lo specialista può consigliare al medico competente una periodicità diversa.

L’articolo 54 indica che le pause devono essere di 15 minuti ogni 120 minuti di lavoro al computer.
Il medico oculista consulente del medico competente indicherà a quest’ultimo eventuali limitazioni dei tempi di lavoro sia in termini di riduzione totale delle ore lavorative davanti al PC sia in termini di aumento delle pause (più frequenti e/o più lunghe).

Questo tipo di limitazione verrà suggerita dallo specialista oculista dopo una attenta valutazione ergoftalmologica che metta in evidenza significativi sintomi di affaticamento visivo (astenopia accomodativa).
E’ di pertinenza, pertanto, del medico competente dare “l’idoneità con prescrizione di limitazione temporale”.

Sono veramente numerosi i lavori clinici ed epidemiologici effettuati sugli utilizzatori di apparecchiature VDT. Nessun lavoro ha messo in evidenza alterazioni permanenti anatomo-funzionali a carico dell’apparato visivo. D’altra parte sappiamo con certezza che l’uso più o meno continuativo del Pc può determinare uno stato di stanchezza visiva, la cosiddetta “Astenopia Accomodativa”.
Per definire l’astenopia accomodativa, possiamo rifarci a quella messa a punto nel corso dei lavori del GILV (Gruppo Italiano per lo Studio dei rapporti tra Lavoro e Visione):
“L’astenopia accomodativa è una Sindrome clinica, causata da un disagio nella visione, che si manifesta con un insieme di sintomi e segni in prevalenza oculari ma anche generali”.

Le manifestazioni dell’astenopia accomodativa possono essere riassunte in:

– fotofobia
– riduzione acuità visiva
– visione sfuocata
– visione doppia
– miopizzazione transitoria
– transitorio allontanamento del punto prossimo
– comparsa o aumento delle forie
– aloni colorati
– lacrimazione
– aumento ammiccamento
– prurito
– irritazione
– secchezza
– bruciore
– sensazione di corpo estraneo
– pesantezza ai bulbi
– dolore
– arrossamento congiuntivale
– alterazione quantitativa/qualitativa del film lacrimale
– cefalea
– astenia
– nausea
– dispepsia
– vertigine
– tensione generale

Le più importanti alterazioni dell’apparato visivo che possono provocare disturbi astenopeici in soggetti più sensibili e più predisposti sono:
• AMBLIOPIA PARZIALE CON VISUS < 6/10 (anche monolaterale)
• DEFICIT III – IV – VI n.c.
Pertanto i vizi di refrazione (miopia, astigmatismo ed ipermetropia) non sono causati o aggravati dall’uso dei videoterminali; d’altra parte possono determinare l’astenopia accomodativa, se non corretti. L’affaticamento visivo può essere indotto anche da strabismi manifesti (exo/eso-tropie) o latenti (exo/eso-forie).


Vi sono delle patologie in fase acuta, che provocano una sensibile riduzione del visus o diplopia in posizione primaria di sguardo o fenomeni irritativi di natura infiammatoria come cheratiti, congiuntiviti, uveiti che segnalate dal medico oculista al medico competente possono indurre quest’ultimo ad una temporanea interruzione dell’uso del PC.
D’altra parte, l’inidoneità assoluta permanente sembra un evento eccezionale.
Analizzando caso per caso e tenendo presente il reale impegno visivo al VDT (in termini di tempo, modalità di esecuzione e impegno visivo effettivamente richiesto) e l’eventuale presenza di concomitanti compiti visivi connessi alla mansione (ad esempio lettura di fogli dattiloscritti, caratteri tipografici particolarmente piccoli) il visus residuo richiesto può variare da un minimo di 2-3/10 a 5-8/10.
Dove non è possibile modificare le condizioni di lavoro e quando il lavoratore abbia già manifestato oggettive e gravi difficoltà è possibile pensare ad una inidoneità assoluta permanente.


Sono i luoghi aziendali che contengano posti di lavoro o siano accessibili per lavoro.

Devono rispettare innanzitutto le seguenti condizioni:

I lavoratori devono disporre di aria salubre in quantità stabilmente sufficiente e senza che siano esposti a correnti d’aria

Va evitato un eccessivo soleggiamento diretto attraverso finestre, lucernari e pareti vetrate, e tenendo conto dell’influenza dell’umidità e del moto d’aria sull’organismo umano.

Deve essere adeguata per la salvaguardia della sicurezza, la salute e il benessere dei lavoratori.

Devono essere illuminati adeguatamente e se all’esterno, devono essere protetti contro gli agenti atmosferici, caduta di oggetti ecc.

In definitiva il decreto pone fra gli obiettivi fondamentali delle misure di protezione della salute e di sicurezza, la valutazione dei rischi con lo scopo di procedere alla eliminazione o riduzione degli stessi, fornendo indicazioni tecniche molto generali.

Le caratteristiche di un ambiente luminoso, dal punto di vista illuminotecnico, hanno un’importanza fondamentale nel determinare il pieno benessere e quindi le prestazioni degli occupanti.
La luce è costituita da onde elettromagnetiche di lunghezza d’onda compresa tra 380 e 780 nm. E’ in questo range che l’energia radiante è in grado di eccitare la retina dell’occhio e quindi di produrre la sensazione visiva. Onde di differente lunghezza d’onda danno origine a differenti sensazioni cromatiche che vanno dal violetto (400 nm), al blu-verde (500 nm), al gilallo-arancio (600 nm), al rosso (700 nm). Il sistema visivo ha il massimo di sensibilità indicativamente tra 500 e 550 nm.

L’adattamento è il processo mediante il quale le caratteristiche di sensibilità del sistema visivo vengono adeguate alla luminanza media del campo visivo o alle caratteristiche cromatiche della luce che raggiunge l’occhio.
L’accomodamento è il processo attraverso il quale il cristallino modificando la propria struttura permette la perfetta messa a fuoco sulla retina degli oggetti a diversa distanza da esso.
L’aberrazione cromatica corrisponde all’impossibilità per l’occhio umano di mettere a fuoco contemporaneamente superfici con colori diversi e quindi con radiazioni di lunghezza d’onda diverse.
Sul piano tecnico le grandezze fondamentali che definiscono l’ambiente luminoso sono:

1. Flusso luminoso
Esprime la quantità di energia luminosa emessa da una sorgente luminosa nell’unità di tempo o ricevuta da una superficie in accordo con lo spettro di sensibilità dell’occhio umano. E’ espressa in lumen.

2. Efficienza luminosa
Questa grandezza è riferita a sorgenti luminose artificiali di tipo elettrico ed esprime il rapporto tra flusso luminoso totale emesso da una sorgente e la potenza totale in ingesso alla sorgente stessa. E’ espressa in lumen/watt.

3. Intensità luminosa
Esprime il flusso luminoso di una sorgente in una specifica direzione, per unità di angolo solido. E’ espressa in candele (lumen/steradiante).

4. Illuminamento
Con riferimento ad una superficie illuminata, esprime il flusso luminoso che raggiunge l’unità di tale superficie . E’ espresso in lux.

5. Luminanza
E’ definita come l’intensità emessa per unità di superficie emittente; l’unità di misura nel SI è il nit (nt); altre unità di misura sono lo stilb (1 stilb = 100.000 nt) o il lambert ( 1 L = 3183 nt); la luminanza risulta connessa quindi alla sensazione di brillantezza soggettiva percepita. E’ espressa in candele/m².
La luminanza delle superfici all’interno del campo visivo è direttamente collegata sia ai fenomeni di abbagliamento sia alla possibilità di percepire distintamente gli oggetti osservati.
Importante è quindi definire il:
– Rapporto di luminanze (L2/L1)- tra un oggetto (L2) e il suo sfondo (L1) o comunque tra due superfici. E’ più facilmente correlabile all’abbagliamento ed è utilizzato per valutare il rapporto tra due luminanze viste in successione.
– Fattore di luminanza (L2-L1/L1)- utilizzato per superfici viste simultaneamente , ed è facilmente correlabile al grado di visibilità degli oggetti.

6. Riflettanza
Esprime il rapporto tra il flusso luminoso riflesso ed il flusso che incide sulla superficie stessa; è una grandezza che dipende oltre che dalla superficie (colore, rugosità, specularità), dalla direzione della luce incidente e dalla direzione di osservazione e dalla composizione spettrale della luce stessa.

7. Temperatura di colore correlata (Tc)
E’ la temperatura a cui si dovrebbe trovare un corpo nero per produrre una radiazione luminosa che abbia la stessa apparenza cromatica di quella emessa dalla sorgente in esame. La temperatura di colore è espressa in Kelvin (K).

8. Indice di resa di colore (Ra)
Esprime il grado di somiglianza delle percezioni cromatiche determinate da una sorgente luminosa rispetto a quelle ottenute usando una sorgente luminosa di riferimento. La luce di riferimento, a cui si assegna il valore pari a 100, si assume la luce naturale quando la temperatura di colore è superiore a 5000 K, o quella del corpo nero quando è inferiore a 5000 K.

9. Fattore di luce diurna
Esprime, in riferimento alla illuminazione di un ambiente con luce naturale, il rapporto tra illuminamento prodotto dalla luce naturale su un piano interno all’ambiente e il livello di illuminamento prodotto sul piano stesso dal cielo libero con una determinata distribuzione di luminanza, in assenza dell’edificio.

In linea generale l’ambiente luminoso può essere realizzato con diverse tipologie di sorgenti luminose (naturale o artificiale) e organizzato in maniera tale da influenzare positivamente il benessere visivo e quindi le prestazioni dell’individuo.

I fattori più importanti su cui focalizzare l’attenzione sono:
1. Livello di illuminamento
2. Distribuzione delle luminanze
3. Fattore di luce diurna – nel caso di illuminazione naturale

Le grandezze illuminotecniche determinate sul campo (illuminamento e luminanza, e il fattore di luce diurna) possono venire misurate mediante una fotocellula la cui curva di sensibilità in funzione della lunghezza d’onda della radiazione deve essere corretta rispetto al colore.

Le misure relative di illuminamento negli ambienti di lavoro, riferite al piano su cui viene svolta l’attività degli operatori e in assenza di una precisa indicazione, è assunta mediamente ad un’altezza di 0,85 m. Per diverse esigenze potranno essere condotti rilievi in condizioni diverse. Le misure dovranno essere condotte in condizioni assimilabili a quelle consuete di funzionamento dell’impianto di illuminazione, curando che lo sperimentatore e le apparecchiature di misura non introducano apprezzabili perturbazioni della situazione normale.
Il livello di illuminamento è direttamente connesso al tipo di attività svolta; esso è compreso in un intervallo che va da valori minimi che possono permettere la percezione distinta degli oggetti a valori massimi oltre i quali si ha un effetto di abbagliamento. I valori di illuminamento sono espressi in LUX.
Questo range di valori di illuminamento sono regolamentati dalla norma ISO 8995.
Per ogni tipo di attività vengono riportati 3 valori.

I valori più alti di illuminamento ( da 1000 lux in su) sono usati:
• Valori di riflessione e contrasto particolarmente bassi
• Per evitare errori che comportano gravi e rilevanti conseguenze nell’esecuzione del compito lavorativo
• Prestazione visiva critica
• Capacità visiva del soggetto
• Accuratezza e maggiore produttività

I valori più bassi di illuminamento (da 20 a 50 lux) sono usati:
• Riflessione e contrasto molto elevati
• Velocità di esecuzione e precisione poco rilevanti
• Compito occasionale

In linea generale un valore di illuminamento di 20 lux permette la percezione del viso di una persona ed è quindi il valore minimo per quelle aree di lavoro in cui si prevede che sia occasionale la presenza di persone.
In quelle aree che sono stabilmente occupate da persone, il valore minimo di illuminamento è di 200 lux, in quanto al di sotto di questo valore il posto viene considerato troppo cupo.
Nel caso in cui sono previsti alti valori di illuminamento, si ha una combinazione tra illuminazione generale e localizzata. Questi tipi di illuminazione sono piuttosto vantaggiosi, perché permettono di avere una zona di lavoro particolarmente illuminata favorendone quindi la concentrazione sul compito stesso, e una zona più buia al di fuori della zona di lavoro, adatta al riposo visivo (per esempio durante le pause). La differenza di illuminazione tra le due zone, comunque, non deve essere minore di 1/3.

Valori eccessivi di luminanza o eccessive differenze di luminanza di oggetti contenuti nel campo visivo che vengono visti in rapida successione provocano fenomeni di abbagliamento che possono ostacolare la visione; al contrario insufficienti livelli di luminanza o di contrasto non favoriscono la visione distinta degli oggetti. Peraltro, i valori di luminanza in un ambiente sono in parte correlati alle riflettanze proprie delle pareti, degli oggetti, e degli strumenti ivi contenuti. E’ importante che in un ambiente di lavoro il fattore di riflessione diffusa del soffitto sia piuttosto elevato per scongiurare il rischio di abbagliamento diretto e riflesso. Per limitare l’abbagliamento la norma ISO 8995 propone un metodo che prevede la definizione di una classe di qualità per un determinato sistema di illuminamento e la verifica di rispondenza di tale classe di qualità rispetto alle esigenze dell’ambiente specifico. Questo metodo basato sulle curve di luminanza dell’apparecchio (che riportano l’andamento della luminanza in funzione all’angolo di osservazione) è applicabile nelle seguenti situazioni:
– Illuminazione generale
– Direzioni della vista di tipo orizzontale o verso il basso
– Riflettanza di almeno 50% per il soffitto e del 25% per le pareti e gli arredi.
In definitiva il metodo in esame individua i limiti per la luminanza degli apparecchi di illuminazione per diverse classi di qualità e diversi valori di illuminamento in funzione dell’angolo di osservazione (detto angolo ) rispetto alla verticale, in un intervallo compreso tra 45° e 85°.
Gli apparecchi di illuminazione diffondenti nei quali la lampada è almeno parzialmente visibile, oltre a rispettare i limiti di luminanza media, devono essere anche schermati. L’angolo di schermatura è compreso tra una linea retta orizzontale e quella che congiunge la lampada e il bordo del riflettore.
La scala del grado di abbagliamento comprende:
0 non abbagliamento
2 abbagliamento debole
4 abbagliamento severo
6 abbagliamento intollerabile

Le cinque classi di qualità sono caratterizzate:
Classe A Qualità molto elevata, compiti visivi molto difficili
Classe B Qualità elevata, compiti visivi con elevate esigenze
Classe C Qualità media, compiti visivi con moderate esigenze
Classe D Qualità bassa, compiti visivi con bassi livelli di concentrazione e basse esigenze
Classe E Qualità molto bassa, ambienti in cui gli operatori non sono confinati in postazioni fisse ed hanno compiti visivi con basse esigenze.
Per quanto riguarda, in specifico, il lavoro del videoterminalista, i livelli di illuminamento vanno da 300 lux a 750 lux; la classe di qualità per l’abbagliamento è la classe A-B.

La disposizione e l’entità delle aperture verso l’ambiente esterno devono essere scelte tenendo conto dell’innalzamento potenzialmente eccessivo dei livelli di illuminamento, di luminanza e di carico termico ambientale (nel caso dei raggi solari).
Fatte salve alcune precauzioni, l’ottenimento di un fattore di luce diurna (DF) elevato è certamente positivo.
Un DF < 0,3% è insufficiente; un DF compreso tra 0,3% e 1% è discreto; tra 1% e 4% è buono; > 4% è ottimo.

In linea generale si possono individuare tre tipologie fondamentali di sistemi di illuminazione artificiale che determinano altrettante tipologie di ambiente luminoso:

1. Sistemi di illuminazione diretta:
La parte prevalente del flusso luminoso sui piani di lavoro giunge direttamente dagli apparecchi di illuminazione. Consente di realizzare un ambiente luminoso con livelli di illuminazione piuttosto “vivo” sul piano visivo ma con la possibilità di abbagliamenti e riflessi fastidiosi.

2. Sistemi di illuminazione indiretta:
La gran parte del flusso luminoso giunge sui piani di lavoro dopo riflessione sulle pareti e principalmente sul soffitto. Ombre e contrasti sono più dolci e viene grandemente ridotta la presenza di riflessi. L’ambiente può risultare piuttosto piatto sul piano visivo, in quanto il grado di illuminamento è uniformemente distribuito.

3. Sistemi di illuminazione mista:
Diretta ed indiretta, nei quali il flusso luminoso è costituito, da luce proveniente direttamente dalle lampade e da flusso riflesso dalle pareti. I livelli di illuminamento e luminanza e i relativi riflessi presentano caratteristiche intermedie tra i precedenti.

Il protocollo per la visita oculistica/ortottica adottato presso lo studio è il seguente:



Importante conoscere eventuali patologie generali e/o oculari presenti in famiglia o di cui è portatore il soggetto esaminato. Anni d’uso del Pc ed ore giornaliere.
Segnalazione eventuali disturbi visivi presenti all’atto della visita.

Occhiali o Lenti a contatto (LAC). Sospendere le LAC almeno 2-3 giorni prima del controllo nel caso di lenti a contatto morbide, almeno 7 giorni prima nel caso di lenti a contatto semirigide o rigide.

Calcolo automatico del difetto refrattivo

Si quantifica la capacità visiva del soggetto ad occhio nudo e con la correzione in uso o con nuova correzione

Misurazione pressione oculare, per lo screening del GLAUCOMA

Si usano, in genere, dei colliri che hanno come principio attivo Tropicamide 1%. In questo caso si ha un buon effetto midriatico ed uno scarso effetto cicloplegico (paralisi del muscolo ciliare e conseguente incapacità di messa a fuoco da vicino). L’effetto cicloplegico dura in genere 1-2 ore, a differenza dell’atropina che ha un effetto cicloplegico di 14 giorni circa, e del ciclopentolato (Ciclolux) che ha un effetto cicloplegico di 6-7 ore.

Ricalcolo in midriasi del difetto visivo.

Valutazione dei vasi sanguigni, della retina e del nervo ottico.

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2. “Lavoro a VDT e funzione visiva: analisi degli aspetti della sindrome da affaticamento oculare e proposta di alcuni criteri per la definizione dell’idoneità lavorativa”. – C. Romano e all.- Acta Medica Mediterranea, 1997, 13 S; 201
3. “Appunti di metodo. Rapporto tra lavoro e visione sotto il profilo medico preventivo…… Parte Prima (Presentazione) e Parte Seconda (Metodo).
4. “Tutela dei lavoratori addetti ai videoterminali”- Sistemi Sicurezza Multimedica spa- Gennaio 2002

Fonte: Dott. Uccello Antonino



L’ ombretto
Per dare profondità allo sguardo serve l’ombretto.
Una sostanza cremosa o in polvere da stendere sulle palpebre.
Meglio non usare dei colori troppo accesi e mai….. Assolutamente mai…
Applicarlo sulle palpebre inferiori.
L’applicazione va effettuata con l’apposito pennellino,
Partendo dalla parte interna vicino al naso e sfumandolo verso l’esterno e verso l’alto.
Potete usare due colori cromaticamente compatibili,
Come il beige ed il marrone, escludendo quelli troppo contrastati.
Il segreto dell’ombretto e’ una perfetta sfumatura, realizzabile anche con le dita.

Il mascara
Le ciglia devono essere allungate e risaltate con il mascara.
E’ una sostanza pastosa da applicare con uno speciale pennello cilindrico sulle ciglia superiori e a volte anche su quelle inferiori.
Non e’ molto semplice, le prime volte si tende a pasticciare un po’ creando effetti grotteschi.
Non esagerate e seguite il naturale profilo delle ciglia.
Il colore di solito e’ nero oppure marrone.
Evitate gli altri colori.
In commercio ci sono dei mascara con dentro delle pagliuzze che hanno lo scopo di allungare ulteriormente le ciglia.
Li consiglio vivamente; danno ottimi risultati rendendo l’occhio languido.

Il fard
Il fard e’ una polvere compatta sulle varie tonalità del rosato e del pesca.
Serve a fare risaltare gli zigomi e a dare quel tocco di profondità al viso.
Si stende sempre con un pennello di martora esattamente sopra gli zigomi, sfumandolo bene verso le orecchie.
La quantità di prodotto non deve essere eccessiva e molto sfumata.

Il rossetto
Il fascino delle labbra e’ quasi sempre il rossetto.
Una bocca sottile e poco invitante può essere resa perfetta con il sapiente uso del rossetto.
Molto facile da usare.
Iniziate con una matita color mattone o rossa, con la quale avrete disegnato il contorno delle labbra.
La linea tracciata, non deve necessariamente seguire il naturale profilo delle labbra, ma può essere modificato e correggere delle piccole carenze.
Le labbra troppo sottili, possono essere ingrandite tracciando la linea esternamente al profilo, senza mai esagerare.
Dopo il contorno a matita, si riempie lo spazio tra le labbra con il rossetto.
Quello in stik e’ il più semplice da usare.
Sagomando accuratamente la punta con un fazzolettino.
Usando un rossetto con la punta arrotondata otterrete solo un sacco di sbavature.
Come ultimo tocco potete usare un lucidalabbra, da stendere in minima quantità al centro delle labbra, sopra e sotto.

Il tocco finale
Una spruzzata di fissatore per trucco su tutto il viso, serve per fare durare a lungo il maquillage.
Chiudete gli occhi e spruzzate ad una distanza di 30 cm su tutto il viso.
Aspettate qualche istante…. Et voila’….
Care sposine, ragazze e signore, sarete pronte per qualsiasi vostra occasione.

Mi resta che augurarvi un buon lavoro a tutte.
Con simpatia.

Fonte: Paola Villa –